Vidaysagar Setu spanning across the Hugli river at Kolkata.

India has a network of over 5.2 million kilometers of various grade roads making it the second largest road system (after the United States) in the world. National highways and expressways account for the bulk of road traffic with a total length of 100 485 kilometers (2015). State highways extend over 148 256 kms and major, other district and village roads amount to 4.98 million kms. India has a total of over 12,000 kms of four to eight laned highways/expressways. Toll roads amounted to 12 568 kms at the end of 2015. The government has proposed to invest Rs 1.72 trillion on improving and expanding the existing road network over the next seven years. The 5,846 km golden quadrilateral network (linking the four metros with four/six-laned highways/expressways and part of the larger NHDP project) is now almost complete. Port connectivity and other raod projects are also included in the NHDP.

NHAI's NHDP (National Highways Development Project) project map >>

A multilevel intersection at Delhi's busy Ring Road

Bangalore's busy MG Road

Vehicular Bridges

Rabindra Setu (Howrah Bridge) spans the Hugli River connecting Kolkata and Howrah.

Vidyasagaer Setu, the modern counterpart of the older Rabindra Setu, spans the Hugli River some 3 kms south of the Howrah Bridge.

A view of the Howrah Bridge from the Kolkata riverside.

East Coast Road (Cuddalore to Chennai) - Copyright Timir Mozumder

The ECR is a well-maintained toll road with modern features such as emergency phone booths at regular intervals, shoulder reflectors and clear lane markings.

Road Photo Gallery

NH 5 - between Anakapalle and Vizag, Andhra Pradesh.

A narrow rural road on the way to Kumbalgarh, Rajasthan.

National Highway 76 - Near Udaipur

National Highway 76 - Near Udaipur

National Highway 45 - Tamil Nadu

National Highway 45 - Tamil Nadu

National Highway 45 - Tamil Nadu

ECR - The two lane East Coast Road connects Cuddalore with Chennai via Pondicherry.