The main international gateway airports in India are located at Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad. Other airports having international flights include Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Tiruchirappalli, Mangaluru, Madurai, Coimbatore, Visakhapatnam and Kozhikode in the southern region - Goa, Pune and Ahmedabad in western India - Varanasi, Amritsar, Lucknow and Jaipur in northern India - Nagpur in central India and Bhubaneswar, Gaya and Guwahati in eastern India.

Flying to India

India has fairly extensive direct air connections to all the continents (ca 55 countries) except South and Central America where currently no direct flights are available from India. Over 70 international airlines fly presently to India. Air India (incl. Air India Express, a low-cost regional carrier), India's national airline, flies to destinations in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and North America. Jet Airways, a private Indian airline, flies to regional destinations including Kathmandu, Bangkok, Colombo, Singapore, Riyadh, Damman, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Doha, Dubai, Jeddah, Kuwait, Muscat and Sharjah in addition to serving long-haul destinations including London, Amsterdam, Paris and Toronto. Spicejet serves South Asian destinations while IndiGo, another Indian low-cost carrier, serves regional destinations including Dubai, Muscat, Kathmandu, Singapore and Bangkok.

Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
Ethiopian Airlines presently operates 5xweekly to Delhi and twice daily to Mumbai from Addis Ababa. The two daily flights out of Mumbai are operated with Boeing 767 and Boeing 777 aircraft.

Announced New Air Routes to India

  • AirAsia: Johor Bahru to Kolkata (wef Nov 28, 5xweekly)
  • AirAsia X: Kuala Lumpur to Jaipur (wef Feb 5 '18, 4xweekly)
  • Air India: Chandigarh to Bangkok (wef Dec 11, 3xweekly), Gaya to Bangkok (wef Dec 10, 2xweekly), Varanasi to Bangkok (wef Dec 12, 2xweekly)
  • Air India Express: Coimbatore to Singapore (wef Nov 18, 3xweekly)
  • Finnair: Helsinki to Goa (wef Nov 29, 2xweekly) - seasonal flight
  • IndiGo: Lucknow to Sharjah (wef Dec 29, daily), Hyderabad to Sharjah (wef Dec 29, daily), Hyderabad to Doha (wef Dec 21, daily), Kochi to Doha (wef Dec 21, daily)
  • Jazeera Airways: Kuwait to Ahmedabad (wef Jan 16, 3xweekly), Kuwait to Kochi (wef Jan 18, 4xweekly) and Kuwait to Mumbai (wef Jan 15, daily)
  • Jet Airways: Goa to Abu Dhabi (wef Dec 10, daily)
  • Malindo Air: Kuala Lumpur to Bengaluru (wef Dec 21, 2xweekly)
  • SpiceJet: Ahmedabad to Bangkok (wef Dec 7, daily)
  • Thai Lion Air: Bangkok to Kochi (wef Feb 1 '18, daily)
  • Vule Airways: Kampala to Mumbai (wef TBA) subject to regulatory approval
  • Ukraine International Airlines: Kiev to Delhi (wef May 1 '18, 3xweekly)

Top Ten International Airlines Flying to India (Passengers Carried / Oct-Dec 2016)

Etihad Airways347370318933666303
Qatar Airways286397248175534572
Air Arabia226418222026448444
Oman Air212808205260418068
SriLankan Airlines193478200419393897
Saudi Arabian Airlines187901185085372986
Thai Airways165621170985336606
Singapore Airlines146401129218275619
Finnair Airbus A330
Finnair uses Airbus A330 equipment on its 3-6xweekly Helsinki-Delhi route. Finnair will serve Goa 2xweekly on a scheduled and seasonal basis wef Nov 29 using Airbus A330 aircraft.

International Air Routes to India - Indian Airline Operators

Air India Air India flies to New York (JFK), Washington, D.C, Newark, Birmingham (UK), Copenhagen, Stockholm, Chicago, London (Heathrow), Paris (CDG), Madrid, Milan, Rome, Vienna, Frankfurt, Colombo, Dhaka, Kabul, Kathmandu, Yangon, Male, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo (Narita), Osaka, San Francisco, Sydney and Melbourne. Gulf destinations include Abu Dhabi, Damman, Dubai, Jeddah, Kuwait, Riyadh and Sharjah. Air India also operates a direct flight from Ahmedabad to Newark via London/Heathrow.
Air India Express Air India Express, Air India's low-cost carrier subsidiary flies to Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Bahrain, Damman, Doha, Dubai, Kuwait, Muscat, Ras Al Khaimah, Riyadh, Salalah, Sharjah and Singapore from various Indian destinations.
Jet Airways Jet Airways flies from Abu Dhabi to Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi, Lucknow, Mangalore, Mumbai and Pune, Bahrain to Mumbai, Bangkok to Delhi, Mumbai, Amsterdam to Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, and Toronto, Colombo to Mumbai and Bengaluru, Damman to Delhi, Kochi, Kozhikode, Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram, Dhaka to Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai, Doha to Delhi, Kochi, Kozhikode, Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram, Dubai to Delhi, Kochi, Mangalore, Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram, Hong Kong to Delhi and Mumbai, Jeddah to Mumbai, Kathmandu to Delhi, Mumbai and Varanasi, Kuwait to Mumbai, London (Heathrow) to Delhi and Mumbai, Muscat to Kochi, Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram, Paris (CDG) to Mumbai and Chennai, Riyadh to Delhi and Mumbai, Singapore to Bengaluru, Chennai and Delhi.
Indigo Indigo flies to five regional destinations including Muscat, Doha, Dubai, Sharjah, Kathmandu, Bangkok and Singapore.
SpiceJet SpiceJet flies to regional destinations including Muscat, Dubai, Kabul, Kathmandu, Bangkok, Dhaka, Colombo and Malé.

International Air Routes to India - Overseas Airline Operators

From North America

United Airlines United flies daily from Newark to both Delhi and Mumbai.
Air Canada Air Canada operates a 4xweekly nonstop service between Toronto and Delhi using Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft, a seasonal 3xweekly (5xweekly wef Dec 4) service from Vancouver to Delhi and a 3xweekly nonstop flight from Toronto to Mumbai.

From Europe

Aeroflot - Russian Int'l Airline Aeroflot flies 2xdaily from Moscow (Sheremetyevo) to Delhi.
Air France Air France flies from Paris CDG to Delhi (daily), Mumbai (daily) and Bengaluru (6xweekly).
Alitalia Alitalia flies daily from Rome to Delhi.
British Airways British Airways flies from London to Bengaluru (daily), Chennai (daily), Delhi (2xdaily), Mumbai (2xdaily incl. a daily Boeing 787-9 service) and Hyderabad (daily).
Brussels Airlines Brussels Airlines operates a 6xweekly nonstop service between Brussels and Mumbai.
Finnair Finnair operates upto 6xweekly nonstop flights between Helsinki and Delhi.
KLM KLM flies daily from Amsterdam to Delhi and 3xweekly to Mumbai.
Lufthansa Lufthansa flies daily from Frankfurt to Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi (Airbus A380), Mumbai and 6xweekly to Pune (operated by PrivatAir with a stop at Bucharest). Lufthansa also offers daily flights from Munich to both Delhi and Mumbai (Airbus A350). Lufthansa also uses Airbus A350 equipment on the Munich-Delhi sector, the airline's inaugural route for this aircraft type.
Swiss International Air Lines Swiss International flies daily from Zurich to both Mumbai and Delhi.
Virgin Atlantic Airways Virgin Atlantic flies daily from London to Delhi.

From CIS Countries

Air Astana Air Astana flies daily from Almaty to Delhi and 3xweekly from Astana to Delhi.
Air Manas Air Manas flies 3xweekly from Bishkek to Delhi.
Tajik Air Tajik Air flies 1xweekly from Dushanbe to Delhi.
Turkmenistan Airlines Turkmenistan flies 5xweekly from Ashgabat to Amritsar and 3xweekly to Delhi.
Uzbekistan Airways Uzbekistan Airways serves Delhi 6xweekly and Amritsar 4xweekly from Tashkent. Four of these flights are combined services to both Amritsar and Delhi.

From Central and West Asia

Air Arabia Air Arabia flies 2xdaily from Sharjah to Delhi, Kochi and Mumbai, daily to Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kozhikode, Jaipur and Chennai, 2xdaily to Thiruvananthapuram, 4xweekly to Nagpur and 5xweekly to both Coimbatore and Goa.
Ariana Afghan Airlines Ariana Afghan Airlines operates 3xweekly flights from Kabul (1xweekly via Kandahar) to Delhi.
Bahrain Air This low-cost Bahrain based airline flies 4xweekly from Bahrain to both Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram and 5xweekly to both Kochi and Kozhikode.
El Al El Al flies 4xweekly from Tel Aviv to Mumbai.
Emirates Emirates flies 3xdaily from Dubai to Chennai, 4xdaily to Delhi, 3xdaily to Hyderabad, 2xdaily to Kochi, 5xdaily (incl. 1 daily A380) to Mumbai, 11xweekly to Thiruvananthapuram, 2xdaily to Kolkata, 3xdaily to Bengaluru and 10xweekly to Ahmedabad. Emirates currently operates upto 190 weekly flights (more than any other overseas airline) between Dubai and 9 destinations in India.
Etihad Airways Etihad flies from Abu Dhabi to Bengaluru (3xdaily), Chennai (3xdaily), Mumbai (3xdaily, incl. a daily A380 service), Delhi (3xdaily), Thiruvananthapuram (2xdaily), Hyderabad (3xdaily), Kochi (3xdaily), Kozhikode (4xdaily), Kolkata (daily), Ahmedabad (daily) and Jaipur (daily). Etihad carried 666 000 passengers on its India services during the last quarter of 2016. The carrier operates a total of 194 weekly flights to 11 destinations in India.
Flydubai flydubai, a low-cost carrier based in Dubai, offers flights from Dubai to Ahmedabad (2xweekly), Delhi (5xweekly), Chennai (3xweekly), Hyderabad (5xweekly), Lucknow (3xweekly), Thiruvananthapuram (3xweekly), Kochi (4xweekly) and Mumbai (5xweekly).
Gulf Air Gulf Air flies from Bahrain to Chennai (10xweekly), Delhi (2xdaily), Hyderabad (9xweekly), Kochi (daily), Mumbai (2xdaily) and Thiruvananthapuram (daily).
Iran Air Iran Air flies 2xweekly from Tehran to Mumbai.
Iraqi Airways Iraqi Airways flies 2xweekly from Baghdad (1xweekly via Basra) to Delhi and 1/2xweekly from Najaf and Baghdad to Mumbai.
Jazeera Airways Jazeera Airways, a low cost carrier based in Kuwait operates a daily service from Kuwait to Hyderabad.
Kam Air Kam Air, a private Afghan airline, operates a daily service from Kabul to Delhi.
Kuwait Airways Kuwait Airways flies from Kuwait to Bengaluru (5xweekly), Mumbai (2xdaily), Kochi (10xweekly), Chennai (5xweekly), Thiruvananthapuram (6xweekly), Delhi (2xdaily) and Ahmedabad (5xweekly).
Mahan Air Mahan Air flies 3xweekly from Tehran to Delhi.
Oman Air Oman Air flies from Muscat to Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi (3xdaily), Goa, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kochi, Kozhikode (2xdaily), Lucknow (14xweekly), Mumbai (3xdaily) and Thiruvananthapuram. Oman Air also flies daily from Salalah to Kozhikode.
Qatar Airways Qatar Airways flies daily from Doha to Ahmedabad, Delhi (2xdaily), Chennai (daily), Mumbai (daily), Kolkata (daily), Nagpur (daily), Thiruvananthapuram (daily), Hyderabad (daily), Kochi (11xweekly), daily to Kozhikode, Amritsar (daily), Goa (daily) and daily to Bengaluru.
Safi Airways Safi Airways flies 4xweekly from Kabul to Delhi.
Saudi Arabian Airlines Saudi Arabian Airlines flies from Riyadh to Delhi (6xweekly), Bengaluru (2xweekly), Mumbai (daily), Chennai (3xweekly), Kochi (6xweekly), Hyderabad (3xweekly), Lucknow (3xweekly) and Thiruvananthapuram (3xweekly) - from Jeddah to Delhi (daily), Mumbai (10xweekly), Chennai (3xweekly), Kochi (9xweekly), Hyderabad (3xweekly), Bengaluru (1xweekly), Lucknow (4xweekly) and Thiruvananthapuram (2xweekly) - from Damman to Chennai (1xweekly), Kochi (1xweekly), Bengaluru (1xweekly)
Turkish Airlines Turkish Airlines flies daily from Istanbul to both Delhi and Mumbai.

From Africa

Air Austral Air Austral connects Chennai 2xweekly with Saint Denis (Réunion) and Bangkok.
Air Mauritius Air Mauritius flies from Mauritius to Bengaluru/Chennai (2xweekly), Delhi (2xweekly) and Mumbai (4/5 weekly).
Air Seychelles Air Seychelles serves Mumbai 5xweekly from Mahe.
Egypt Air EgyptAir flies 4xweekly from from Cairo to Mumbai.
Ethiopian Airlines Ethiopian Airlines flies 2xdaily from Addis Ababa to Mumbai and 5xweekly to Delhi.
Kenya Airways Kenya Airways flies 12xweekly from Nairobi to Mumbai.
RwandAir RwandAir operates a 4xweekly nonstop air service from Kigali to Mumbai served by Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

From South Asia

Bhutan Airlines Bhutan Airlines flies daily from Paro and Bangkok to Kolkata and 3xweekly from Paro to Delhi via Kathmandu.
Biman Bangladesh Airlines Biman Bangladesh Airlines flies 12xweekly from Dhaka to Kolkata and 2xweekly from Chittagong to Kolkata.
Druk Air Druk Air (Royal Bhutan Airlines), Bhutan's national airline, flies from Paro to Guwahati, Delhi, Kolkata, Gaya, Bagdogra and Mumbai.
Maldivian Maldivian flies 6xweekly from Malé International Airport to Thiruvananthapuram and 3xweekly to Chennai (and onwards to Dhaka) and 1xweekly from Hanimadhoo to Thiruvananthapuram.
Mega Maldives Airlines Mega Maldives Airlines flies 3xweekly from Malé International Airport to Delhi.
Myanmar Airways International MAI flies 3xweekly (seasonal) from Yangon to Gaya and 2xweekly to Kolkata.
Nepal Airlines Nepal Airlines flies 2xdaily from Kathmandu to Delhi and 3xweekly to both Mumbai and Bengaluru.
Novoair Novoair operates a daily service from Kolkata to Dhaka.
Regent Airways Regent Airways flies daily from both Dhaka and Chittagong to Kolkata.
SriLankan Airlines SriLankan Airlines flies 11xweekly from Colombo to Bengaluru, Gaya (seasonal), Chennai (20xweekly), Delhi (11xweekly), Kochi (2xdaily), Kolkata (3xweekly), Madurai (1xweekly), Mumbai (daily), Tiruchirappalli (2xdaily), Thiruvananthapuram (daily) and Varanasi (2xweekly). New routes include Colombo to Hyderabad (4xweekly), Visakhapatnam (4xweekly) and Coimbatore (4xweekly).
US-Bangla Airlines US-Bangla Airlines flies daily from both Dhaka (daily) and Chittagong (6xweekly) to Kolkata.

From the Far East, Southeast Asia and Australasia

Air Asia Air Asia flies from Kuala Lumpur to the following Indian destinations: Bengaluru (4xweekly), Bhubaneswar (4xweekly), Chennai (2xdaily), Hyderabad (daily), Kochi (18xweekly), Kolkata (daily), Tiruchirappalli (4xdaily) and Visakhapatnam (3xweekly, increase to 4xweekly wef Dec 23).
Thai Air Asia flies 5xweekly from Bangkok (Don Mueang) to Chennai, daily to Kochi, 5xweekly to Bengaluru, daily to Kolkata and 4xweekly to Tiruchirappalli and 4xweekly to Jaipur. Air Asia X flies 4xweekly from Kuala Lumpur to Delhi. Indonesia Air Asia flies 4xweekly from Denpasar Bali via Kuala Lumpur to Kolkata.
Air Asia X Indonesia Air Asia X Indonesia, a low-cost long-haul carrier affiliated with AirAsia, operates a direct daily Airbus A330 air service from Denpasar Bali to Mumbai via Kuala Lumpur.
Air China Air China flies 5xweekly from Beijing to Delhi and 4xweekly to Mumbai.
All Nippon Airways All Nippon Airways (ANA) operates daily services from Tokyo Narita airport to both Delhi and Mumbai.
Asiana Airlines Asiana Airlines flies daily from Seoul's Incheon International airport to Delhi.
Bangkok Airways Bangkok Airways flies daily from Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) to Mumbai.
Batik Air Batik Air operates a daily air service from Denpasar Bali via Kuala Lumpur to Chennai. Batik Air's second route to India connects Medan daily with Chennai via Kuala Lumpur.
Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific flies 2xdaily from Hong Kong to Delhi, 10xweekly to Mumbai, daily to Chennai and 4xweekly from Hong Kong to Hyderabad.
China Airlines China Airlines flies 2xweekly from Taipei to Delhi.
China Eastern Airlines China Eastern flies daily from Shanghai/Beijing to Delhi and daily from Hangzhou via Kunming, the capital of China's Yunnan province to Kolkata.
China Southern China Southern, China's largest airline, flies twice daily from Guangzhou (Canton) to Delhi.
Dragonair Cathay Dragon flies daily from Hong Kong to Bengaluru and 6xweekly to Kolkata.
Garuda Indonesia Garuda Indonesia has re-introduced a service to India after a lapse of 30 years. The airline connects Jakarta with Mumbai via Bangkok 3xweekly.
Japan Airlines Japan Airlines operates a daily Boeing 787 Dreamliner service from Tokyo Narita to Delhi.
Korean Air Korean Air flies thrice weekly from Seoul/Incheon airport to Mumbai and 5xweekly to Delhi.
Malaysia Airlines Malaysia Airlines flies from Kuala Lumpur to Bengaluru (12xweekly), Chennai (2xdaily), Delhi (10xweekly), Hyderabad (daily) and Mumbai (2xdaily; 17xweekly wef Nov 1).
Malindo Air Malindo Air flies from Kuala Lumpur to Amritsar (5xweekly), Delhi (11xweekly), Kochi (7xweekly), Mumbai (8xweekly), Thiruvananthapuram (4xweekly) and Tiruchirappalli (21xweekly).
Scoot Scoot flies 3xweekly to Amritsar service to Chennai, daily to Bengaluru, 6xweekly to Hyderabad, 4xweekly to Jaipur, 4xweekly to Kochi, 3xweekly to Lucknow and 2xdaily to Tiruchirappalli.
Shandong Airlines Shandong Airlines operates two bi-weekly services from Qingdao and Jinan to Delhi, both flights via Kunming.
Silk Air Silk Air flies from Singapore to Chennai (3xweekly), Bengaluru (5xweekly), Kolkata (3xweekly), Thiruvananthapuram (5xweekly), Kochi (8xweekly), Hyderabad (10xweekly), 4xweekly to Coimbatore and 3xweekly to Visakhapatnam.
Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines flies 4xweekly from Singapore to Ahmedabad, 6xweekly to Bengaluru, 6xweekly to Chennai, 2xdaily (incl. 1 daily A380) to Delhi, 3xweekly to Kolkata and 2xdaily (incl. 1 daily A380 and 1 daily A350) to Mumbai.
Thai Airways Thai Airways flies from Bangkok to Bengaluru (daily), Kolkata (daily), Chennai (daily), Delhi (19xweekly), Mumbai (daily) and Hyderabad (5xweekly).
Thai Lion Air Thai Lion Air debut in India includes a 3xweekly service from Bangkok (Don Mueang) to Mumbai.
Thai Smile Air Thai Smile Air flies from Bangkok to 3xweekly to Gaya (via Varanasi), 3xweekly to Jaipur, 3xweekly to Lucknow, 5xweekly to Mumbai and 3xweekly to Varanasi.

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