Overview of the Indian Auto Industry

India was the fourth largest car manufacturer in the world in 2019¹. Indian motor vehicles manufacturers produced 22.65 million motor vehicles in 2020-21 (Apr-Mar), a substantial decrease from the record of 30.91 million units sold in 2018-19. India was the largest manufacturer of three-wheelers (611 k units) and seventh largest commercial vehicle (625 k units) manufacturer in 2018-19 while India's two-wheeler manufacturers rolled out 18.35 m units during the same fiscal.

India is the largest manufacturer of tractors having sold approx. 0.84 m units in 2021-22 or around a third of the global output. Construction vehicle production was approx. 59 000 units in 2014. 2.17 million passenger cars were sold in India in 2017-18 (1.17 m during H1 18/19). The total turnover of the auto industry amounted to ca USD 145 billion in 2015-16 while the overall installed capacity (2/3/4-wheelers) was ca 33.5 m units at the end of 2016-17. The auto industry provides direct or indirect employment to over 13 million people.

Indian motor vehicle exports in 2020-21 amounted to 4.13 million vehicles incl. 404 k passenger cars, 50 k commercial vehicles, 3.28 m two-wheelers and 393 k three-wheelers. 

Major car models exported (Apr-Dec '21) include models from the Maruti Suzuki stable incl. the Baleno, Brezza, Dzire and S-Presso models. Hyundai Motor India exported a large quantity of SUVs (over 42 000 out of a total of over exported 130 000 cars in '21) incl. the Creta model, Kia Motors India (Seltos and Sonet models) and Volkswagen India were among the other large passenger car exporters. Maruti Suzuki was the largest Indian car exporter in 2021 having shipped over 205 000 cars to over 100 countries. Over 43 000 medium and heavy duty trucks were exported from India in 2016-17 incl. makes such as Daimler, Mitsubishi Fuso, Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland.

Domestic motor vehicle sales in 2018-19 included 3.38 m passenger vehicles, 1.01 m commercial vehicles, 701 000 three wheelers and 21.18 m two-wheelers. The luxury car segment is relatively small with sales of approx. 35 000 cars in 2019. The total number of registered motor vehicles had increased to over 326 million by 2020, including 32.4 million cars (2019).

Domestic Motor Vehicle Sales (2021-22)

Vehicle Type Sales (thousands)
Passenger 3 069
Commercial 717
Three wheelers 261
Two wheelers 13 466
Quadricycles 124

¹ Source: OICA (The International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers)

Automotive Components and Tyres

The total turnover of the Indian automotive component industry increased to ₹ 4.2 trillion (ca USD 51 billion) in 2021-22. Auto ancillary exports fetched ₹ 906 bn (USD 13.5 bn) in the same year while the total turnover of India's vehicle tyre industry amounted to an estimated ₹ 600 billion in 2019-20 producing ca 177 m tyres.

New Auto Manufacturer Entrants / Major Investment Announcements

The French Groupe PSA, re-entered the Indian market for the first time since the production of the Peugeot 309 model by Premier Automobiles (PAL) ceased in the 1990s. PSA re-entered the Indian market with its Citroën brand, the launch product being the C5 Aircross SUV (launched in 2021).
South Korea's Kia Motors, another new entrant in the Indian auto market, has invested USD 1.1 bn in a new auto plant (capacity 300 000 units pa) located in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. The plant began rolling out cars in the latter half of 2019. Kia Motors' first offering was the Seltos SUV. Volvo Cars commenced the assembly of SUVs in India in Oct '17 while GM withdrew from the Indian auto market although it continues to export cars from its India plant. Ford folded up its car manufacturing operations in India in Q2/22. Chinese EV manufacturer BYD has announced plans to assemble EVs, starting with the Atto 3 (Yuan Plus) electric SUV model and eventually manufacture a range of EVs in India. BYD's plant is located at Sriperumbuder near Chennai (Tamil Nadu).

The Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance has announced an additional investment of approx. USD 600 m in India over the next 5-6 years (thru '29) enabling the launch of six new car models incl. EVs.


MG Motor India's maiden launch model was the Hector SUV for which bookings started in Jun '19. MG Motor cars are manufactured at the modernized ex-GM plant located in Halol, Gujarat with an annual production capacity of 80 000 vehicles. An electric variant (ZS EV) of the ZS SUV was launched in 2020. The company is also contemplating a second plant for future production of additional models which include the larger Maxus D90 SUV. MG sold 28 162 cars in 2020.


An electric Olectra Greentech Ltd. e-Buzz K7 BEST bus in Mumbai 
BEST (Brihanmumbai Electric Supply & Transport), the undertaking operating city buses in Mumbai operates a fleet of almost 400 electric buses in addition to over 3 000 conventional buses (diesel and CNG) incl. ca 50 Ashok Leyland diesel double-deckers. BEST plans to procure up to 2 100 electric buses in 2023 which includes upt to 900 SWITCH EiV 22 electric double-decker buses, of which the the first units be inducted into service in Feb '23. A fleet of 50 electric double-deckers are planned by Mar '23 which will replace the older diesel double-deckers. Olectra Greentech manufactures electric buses in a joint-venture with Chinese BYD Auto Industry, a global leader in electric buses. Olectra Greentech Ltd. has delivered over 280 electric buses in India till date (Nov '20) incl. to cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Hyderabad. Over 1000 e-buses from various manufacturers have been dispatched to various transport undertakings throughout India. Convergence Energy Services Ltd, a public sector entity, has floated a RFP in early '22  for the procurement of around 5 600 electric buses for deployment in five major cities initially incl. Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Surat.

Registered Motor Vehicles (in millions) by Type - Mar 31, 2017

Two-Wheelers Cars, Jeeps & Taxis Buses Goods Vehicles Misc (incl. tractors and three-wheelers)
187 33.6 1.9 12.2 18.4

Registered Motor Vehicles (in millions)
Top 10 States (31.3.2017)

  • Maharashtra: 30.2
  • Uttar Pradesh: 26.3
  • Tamil Nadu: 26.2
  • Gujarat: 22.0
  • Karnataka: 17.9
  • Rajasthan: 14.9
  • Madhya Pradesh: 13.2
  • Kerala: 11.3
  • Delhi: 10.3
  • Telangana: 9.8

Domestic Motor Vehicle Sales
(Apr 2018 - Mar 2019)

  • Passenger Vehicles: 3.38 million units
  • Commercial Vehicles: 1.01 m
  • Two-wheelers: 21.18 m
  • Three-wheelers: 0.7 m

  • TOTAL: 26.27 million units

Night Drive in Mumbai

A drive at ca 3 AM in Mumbai from the airport area to south Mumbai along the Western Express Highway, Bandra Worli Sea Link, Worli, Mahalakshmi, Tardeo and Marine Drive.

Marine Drive, Mumbai

The 3½ km long tree-lined Marine Drive is a sea-facing major thoroughfare located in South Mumbai. The boulevard features a wide pedestrian promenade. The official name of the road is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road. Marine Drive was built on reclaimed land and is lined with art deco apartment buildings.
Video clip: Road traffic in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh - © Timir Mozumder

Video clip: Rush hour traffic in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - © Timir Mozumder

Video clip: Rush hour traffic in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - © Timir Mozumder

Above video clips: Hyderabad's total motor vehicle population amounted to almost 5 million (inc. 850 000 cars) in 2016. Road congestion and air/noise pollution are some of the more serious effects. Hyderabad also lacks an efficient, integrated public transport. The first phase of the metro rail system was completed in Dec '17 and once fully commissioned, should provide a better and more environment friendly means of mass urban transit.

Number of Registered Cars and Motor Vehicles (in millions) in Selected Cities - March 2017
City Cars All Motor Vehicles
Ahmedabad 0.64 3.91
Delhi 3.06 10.26
Bengaluru 1.32 6.83
Chennai 0.92 5.30
Kolkata 0.35 0.80
Hyderabad 0.44 2.72
Pune 0.44 2.72
Lucknow 0.27 1.98
Surat 0.38 2.89
Jaipur 0.36 2.58
Vadodara 0.25 2.02
Coimbatore 0.25 2.06
Chandigarh 0.47 0.88
Mumbai (Greater) 0.91 3.05

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Car Sales by Manufacturer/Imported Brand in 2019 (or alternate period in brackets)

Manufacturer Domestic Exports Total
Aston Martin ca 15-20
Audi India 3 293 (2021)
BMW India 8 236 (2021)
FCA India 11 238 9 809 (2018)
Ford India 73 636 167 910 (2018) 262 784 (2017)
GM India (sales ended in 2017) 25 823 (2016-17) 79 495 (2018)
Honda Cars India 134 741
Hyundai Motor India 510 260 130 380 (2021)  710 012 (2018)
Isuzu Motors India 5 886 (2018) ca 500 (2018)
Jaguar Land Rover 4 596 (2018)
Jeep India 12 136 (2021)
Kia Motors India 181 583 (2021) 46 261 (2021) 227 844 (2021)
Lamborghini 69 (2021) -
Mahindra & Mahindra 219 663 28 222 (FY18) 262 137 (FY18)
Maruti Suzuki India 1 485 943 205 450 (2021)  1 779 574 (FY18)
Mercedes-Benz India 7 893 (2020) 11 242 (2021)
MG Motor India 28 162 (2020)
MINI India 640 (2021)
Nissan India 23 580 64 720 (2018) 151 001
Porsche 474 (2021)
Renault India 88 869 12 129 (2018)
Škoda Auto India 23,858 (2021)
Tata Motors 152 944
Toyota Kirloskar Motor 130 768 (2021) 9 361 (2018)
Volkswagen India 32 324 64 164 (2018) 135 000+ (FY18)
Volvo 1 724 (2021)

Domestic Car Sales Modelwise 2004-11

Model 2004/05 2006 2007-08 2008 2009 2010
2007-08: Indicates April 2007-March 2008, FY09=Apr'08-Mar'09
06-07: Indicates April 2006-March 2007
* Incl. of exports
** Apr-Dec 2006
¹ Estimate
² 2004-05
³ 2003-04
@ 04/04-12/04
Aston Martin ca 30 a year (2013)
Audi A4 - - 102 1,050 (All Audi models) 1,658 (All Audi models)
3,003 ( all models)
5,511 (All models)
Audi A6 105 (all Audi models-'05) 300 (all Audi models) 349 (all Audi models) 111 (Jan-Apr) 396
Audi A8 - - 172 1,050 (all Audi models)
Audi Q5
Audi Q7 - - 350
Audi RS 5
Audi R8 - - - 15
Audi TT 5 (2005) na
Bentley 20 28
ca 300 since 2003
BMW 3 Series - - 946 1,075 (FY09) 1,155
2,220 (Jan-Nov)
2788 (2012)
BMW 5 Series - - 822 1,352 (FY09) 1,590
2,030 (Jan-Nov)
2618 (2012)
BMW 6 series, X3 and X5 ca 40 (X5) 257 (all models) 83 4 (6 series, Mar)
BMW 7 Series - - 251 279 (FY09)
2461 (2012)
BMW X3, X5 and X6
16 (Jan)
X3 930 (2012)
BMW Z4 Roadster
Chevrolet Aveo - - 5,624 1,174 (Jan) 746 (Feb)
364 (Jan)
Chevrolet Aveo U-VA - - 11,523
434 (Jan)
Chevrolet Beat
2,825 (Jan)
Chevrolet Captiva - - 607 2,134 (FY09) 201 (Feb)
72 (Jan)
Chevrolet Cruze
812 (Oct)
686 (Jan)
Chevrolet Forester (discontd.) 260 (2003-2005) - - - -
Chevrolet Optra Magnum 9 191 na 6,058 (inc. SR-V model) 1287 (Jan-Mar) 89 (Feb)
51 (Jan)
Chevrolet Spark - - 22,060 7,265 (Jan-Mar) 2,940 (Feb)
3,477 (Jan)
Chevrolet SRV
Chevrolet Tavera 18 622 (2005) na 20,671 4,892 (Jan-Mar) 945 (Feb)
1,512 (Jan)
Fiat Grande Punto - - - -
~9,000 (Jun-Nov)
8,401 (all models in Apr-Jul)
Fiat Linea - - -
4,512 (FY09)
~ 12,000 (Jan-Nov)
Fiat Palio Stile 791 (05-06) 1,614 (06-07) 3,303
Fiat Petra/Adventure (discontd.) 454 (05-06) 584 (06-07)
Fiat 500 - - - ca 30 till Sept
ca 65 till Jun '10
Force Trax - - 7,053 -
Ford EcoSport
Ford Endeavour 1 818 (05-06) na 2,916 2,780 (FY09) 184 (Oct)
51,420 (all models Jan-May)
Ford Fiesta ca 3 500 na 22,855
Ford Figo - - - - -
58,000 (till Nov)
Ford Fusion (discontd.) 329² na 2,678
Ford Ikon (discontd.) 24 536 na 4,797
Ford Mondeo (discontd.) 25² (05-06) 0
Hindustan Ambassador 12 740 na 8,487
Honda Accord 3 324 (05-06) 2,728 (06-07) 2,133 4,108 (FY09) 948 (Jan-Apr)
288 (Jan)
Honda Amaze
Honda Brio
Honda City 37 545 (2005-06) 40,464 (06-07) 40,536 (incl. Marina STW) 18,482 (Jan-Apr)
4,485 (Jan)
Honda Civic na 16,262 (06-07) 16,723 2,386 (Jan-Apr)
644 (Jan)
Honda CR-V 1 858 (05-06) 1,873 (06-07) 3,425 501 (Jan-Mar)
76 (Jan)
Honda Jazz
3,069 (Jun-Jul)
490 (Jan)
Hyundai Accent 24 383 na 8,274
Hyundai Elantra (discontd.) 2 331 (2005) 1,683 (06-07) 10 (Mar)
Hyundai Eon
Hyundai Getz Prime 5 483 na 16,787 9,442 (FY09)
Hyundai i10 - - 14,451 (2007) 106,110 (FY09) 24,990 (till Mar 12)
Hyundai i20 - - - 4,991 (FY09) 4,940 (Oct)
Hyundai Santa Fe
Hyundai Santro Xing 103 301² 163,838 (06-07) 121,163 91,466 (FY09)
Hyundai Sonata 806 (2005) 506 577 486 (FY09) 232 (Jan-Apr)
29 (Jan)
Hyundai Terracan (discontd.) 318³ -
Hyundai Tucson 884 (March-Nov 05) 533 (incl. Terracan) 188 50 (FY09) 13 (Jan-Apr)
Hyundai Verna na na 24,370 2,132 (Feb)
5,502 (Jan)
ICML Rhino - -
242 (incl. Land Rover)
891 (Apr-Mar '11) incl. Land Rovers
2289 (Apr-Mar'12) incl. Land Rovers
ca 17 (2012)
Land Rover ca 30 na ~90 (2008) 242 (incl. Jaguar)
35 (Jan)
Mahindra Bolero - - 51,009 55,924 (FY09)
Mahindra Max - - - 3,000 (Apr08-Feb09)
Mahindra Scorpio 31,661 (05-06) 38,015 (06-07) 41,443 27,000 (Apr08-Feb09) 3,200 (Mar)
ca 44,000 ('10-'11)
Mahindra Thar
Mahindra XUV500
Mahindra Xylo - - - 7,201 (FY09) ~10,500 (Jan-Apr)
Maruti 800 116 262² 79,245 (06-07) 69,553 49,383 (FY09) 9,915 (Apr-Jul)
Maruti A-Star - - -
15,736 (FY09)
2,784 (Jun)
2,494 (Jan)
Maruti Alto 126 223² 200,000+ (Apr06-Feb07) 227,173 218,127 (FY09) 240,000
Maruti Baleno (discontd.) 6 521 na
Maruti DZire - - 5,658 61,952 (FY09)
8,995 incl. SX4 (Jan)
Maruti Esteem (discontd.) 18 379 na 12,485
Maruti Grand Vitara na na 795 270 (FY09)
Maruti Gypsy na na 3,132 7,219 (FY09)
Maruti Kizashi
103 (Mar '11)
Maruti Omni 60 377² na 88,273
Maruti Ritz
6,214 (Jun)
Maruti Swift 34 463 (May-Nov 05) na 88,745 110,071 (FY09)
Maruti SX4 - - 31,192 1,953 (Feb)
Maruti Versa 4 291³ na 1,456 1,440 (FY09)
Maruti Wagon R 79 712² na 132,727 134,768 (FY09) 140,000
163,000 (Apr-Mar '11)
Maruti Estilo 65 345² na 50,635 (Zen and Estilo) 32,694 (FY09)
Mercedes C-Class 785 883 1,127 1,765 1,607
5,109 (All models, Jan-Nov)
6,698 (all models Jan-Nov)
Mercedes E-Class 825 (05) 922 1,048 1,167 1,048
245 (Jan)
Mercedes S-Class 144 (2005) 248 518 561 467
22 (Jan)
Mercedes CLS/SLK/SL/CLK/M na 118 141 (incl. 80 M-class) 125 (models other than C,E and S class)
6 CBU imports(Jan)
Maybach 3 ('04 and '05) na na
Mini Cooper
Mitsubishi Lancer/Cedia 2 509 na 2,582 1,570 (FY09)
Mitsubishi Outlander - - - 278 (FY09)
Mitsubishi Pajero/Montero na na 1,676 1,814 (FY09)
Nissan 370Z
4 (Jan-Aug)
Nissan Micra
~6,000 (Jul-Nov)
10,247 (H1)
Nissan Teana - - 347 58 (FY09) 207 (FY10)
179 (Apr-Nov)
58 (H1)
Nissan X-Trail 253 (2005) 250 173 100 (FY09)
50 (Jul)
157 (H1)
Opel Corsa (discontd) 8 369 na - - -
Porsche (various models) ca 100 (2005) 160 168 168
Premier Rio
Mahindra Verito (Renault Logan) - - 25,884 13,419 (FY09) 2,520 (Feb-Apr)
555 (Jan)
Mahindra Reva
Renault Fluence
290 (Jun)
Renault Koleos
Rolls-Royce 5 (2005) 7 (2006) 12 (2007) 14 (2008) <10 (2009)
80 (2010)
ca 250 till date (end 2013)
San Storm na na
Škoda Fabia - - 1,906 6,634
5,510 (Jan-Mar) all Škoda models
9,257 (H1)
Škoda Octavia/Laura 9 559 (05-06) 11,433 10,944 7,459 (FY09)
3,519 (H1)
Škoda Rapid
Škoda Superb na 769 586 694 (FY09) 541 (Apr-Jun)
2,078 (H1)
Škoda Yeti
1,310 (H1)
Ssanyong Rexton
Tata Aria
Tata Indica 111 574 (05-06) 144,690 (06-07) 135,642 111,257 (FY09) 91,295 (Apr-Jan '10)
11,448 (Jan)
Tata Indigo/Indigo XL/Indigo CS 39 377 (05-06) 34,310 (06-07) 31,416 49,190 (FY09) 41,724 (Apr-Jan '10)
7,258 (Jan)
Tata Marina 2 050 na
Tata Nano
21,535 (Jul-Jan '10)
77,000 (till12/10)
Tata Safari 4 692 (05-06) 15,816 (06-07) 19,078 25,630 (Sumo+Safari: Apr-Jan '10)
3,538 (Safari/Sumo Jan)
Tata Sumo / Sumo Victa 33 213 (05-06) 32,077 (06-07) 28,622
Tata Sumo Grande/MKII
Tata Vista
Tata Xenon XT - - - 161 (FY09)
Toyota Camry 794 (2005) 1,001 (06-07) 988 182 (Apr-Jun) 44 (Apr-Jun)
120 (H1)
Toyota Corolla Altis 8 974 (2005) na 6,204 9,172
4,901 (H1)
Toyota Etios
20,765 (H1)
Toyota Etios Liva
737 (Jun)
Toyota Fortuner
~3,100 (Aug-Dec)
5,475 (H1)
Toyota Innova 32 000 (2005) na 48,069 42,740
25,307 (H1)
Toyota Land Cruiser 200
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 162 (2005) na 141 109 (FY09)
Toyota Prius
Toyota Qualis (discontd.) 31 759² na
VW New Beetle
ca 240 till Jun '10
88 (H1)
VW Jetta - - 1,566 (all VW models) 1,957 (Jan-Aug: all VW models)
975 (H1)
VW Passat - -
27,946 (Vento and Polo)
383 (H1)
VW Phaeton
58 (till Jun '11)
VW Polo
20,127 (H1)
VW Touareg - -
VW Vento - - - - -
17,555 (H1)
Volvo V40 Cross Country
Volvo S60
Volvo S80 - - ca 100 (all Volvo) ca 90 ( all Volvo models)
320 (all models)
Volco XC60
Volvo XC90 - -

Automotive Research

Passenger Car/Utility Vehicle Manufacturers

Audi India

Audi sells the A3, A4, A6, A8 L, Q3, Q5, Q7, S4, S5, RS 6 Coupe, RS 7 Sportback, TT Coupe, and R8 range of models. Audi competes in a niche market along with BMW, JLR, Mercedes and Volvo cars and with sales of  4 187 cars compared to 3 293 cars sold in 2021. Audi has sold close to 80 000 cars since the company began operations in India. Audi assembles the A4, A6, Q3, Q5 and Q7 models at ŠkodaAuto's plant located at Aurangabad, Maharashtra while the other models are imported from Ingolstadt, Germany. Audi cars are available through over 60 dealers across India.

BMW India Pvt. Ltd.

BMW has an assembly plant with an annual capacity of 14 000 units in Chenglepet located near Chennai that rolled out its 100 000th BMW car in Mar '22 after 15 years of auto production. The plant assembles BMW 1 Series, 3 Series, 3 Gran Turismo Series, new 5 Series, 7 Series, X1, X3, X5 and Mini Countryman models. The present local content of the assembled cars is around 50 per cent. BMW imports a few models too incl. the BMW X6, BMW X6 M, 6 Series Gran Coupé, M6 Gran Coupé, Z4 Roadster and i8 hybrid sports car. BMW sells its cars through a network of 40 dealers. BMW sales increased significantly in 2021 with 8 236 BMW and 640 MINI branded cars sold in comparison to 6 092 BMW and 512 MINI cars sold in 2020.


BYD assembles the Atto 3 SUV EV (deliveries to begin Jan '23) at its plant located in Sriperumbudur near Chennai.

Citroën India

Citroën commenced the production of the Citroën C5 Aircross SUV in Jan '21 from its new auto plant located at Thiruvallur close to Chennai followed by the launch of the Citroën C3 compact hatchback in Jul '22.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) India Automobiles Pvt. Ltd.

FCA discontinued the production of Fiat cars in India in 2019 and is currently selling Jeep models. Fiat had a long presence in India. Prior to FCA India, Fiat had a technical collaboration with Premier Automobiles, for the manufacture of the popular Padmini model, a small sedan based on the third generation Fiat 1100D dated from the early sixties. Fiat India's other former cars included the Uno, Siena and Palio. FCA launched the Jeep Compass SUV in July '17. The Compass is manufactured at FCA's Rangangaon plant along with the Tata Nexon SUV, Tata Bolt and Tata Zest. Possible future launches include the Jeep Renegade SUV.

Jeep brand vehicles
  • Wrangler
  • Jeep Compass - sold with two engine variant options, a 2.0L turbo diesel and a turbocharged 1.4L petrol. Indian made Jeep Compass SUV's are also exported to right hand markets such as Japan and Australia with a total of 20 000 units exported till Jan '21. Cumulative sales in India topped 50 000 units by Jan '21.

Ford India Ltd.

Ford India sold 249 874 cars in 2016-17 of which 158 469 were exported and 91 405 units sold in India. Car export destinations include countries such as South Africa, the Middle East region and a few European countries. Ford operated two auto plants in India - Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and Sanand (Gujarat) with a combined annual capacity for the manufacturing of up to 480 000 cars and 610 000 engines. Ford announced in Sep '21 the shutdown of its auto manufacturing in India (both plants) by Q2/22. Ford will continue to import some models (incl. the Mustang Mach-E EV and Mustang GT, the latter being a re-launch) and engine manufacturing for export markets from the Sanand plant will not be affected.

Honda Cars India Ltd. (HCIL)

HCIL manufacture models inclue the Amaze, Jazz, City, CR-V and Accord models. HCIL's two auto plants are located in Surajpur, Greater NOIDA, U.P and Tapukara (Bhiwadi), Rajasthan with a capacity to manufacture 180 000 cars per annum. The Greater NOIDA plant ceased production in late '20. Honda India's domestic sales amounted to 170 026 cars during 2017-18. Honda began exporting Brio cars to South Africa/SADC countries in Oct '12 and exported a total of 5 610 cars during fiscal year 2017-18. Honda has sold 1.5 million cars since 1998 when Honda Siel Cars (former name of the company) begain producing Honda City sedans. The Civic sedan model will be re-launched (earlier sales discontd. in 2013) in Mar.

  • Honda Amaze Honda's cumulative sales of the Amaze sedan reached 460 k by end '21. The Amaze model was first launched in 2013.
  • Honda Brio Production of the Brio has ended. Honda sold around 97 000 Brios since its launch in 2011.
  • Honda Jazz - Honda's new supermini hatchback is powered by a 1.2 liter petrol engine with 89 bhp output. Production of the old Jazz model ended in March '13 and a new generation version was launched in 2014. Honda has sold ca 23 000 Jazz cars till Feb '13.
  • Honda BR-V - compact SUV
  • Honda WR-V - crossover launched in 2017.
  • Honda City - This popular sedan sold 57 619 units in 2016 and reached the 700 000 unit milestone in Oct 2017. The City was first launched in 1998.
  • Honda Civic - Production of the 10th generation Civic sedan commenced in Feb '19. Honda had till then sold 55 000 earlier generation Civic cars.
  • Honda CR-V - Honda manufactures the CR-V model at its Greater NOIDA plant. A total of almost 13 000 CR-V's have been sold in India since its launch in 2003.
  • Honda Accord Hybrid

Hyundai Motor India Ltd.

Hyundai Motor India's two adjacent car plants at Irungattukotai near Chennai have a combined capacity of 700 000 cars per annum, the parent company's largest auto manufacturing facilities outside of South Korea. HMIL plans to invest an additional ₹ 70 bn for expansion of its capacity to 800 000 units. Domestic auto sales amounted to 505 033 units in 2021 while cars exported totalled 130 380 in the same year. HMIL had sold ca 5.4 million cars (3 m cars exported till Jan '20) within India till Jun '18. HMIL exports cars to 85 countries across the globe.

Isuzu Motors India Ltd.

Isuzu Motors India manufactures a range of pickup and a SUV model from its plant at Sri City, Andhra Pradesh where manufacturing started in 2015. The plant has a capacity to manufacture 50 000 vehicles per annum. Isuzu sold 5 886 vehicles in 2018. The company also exports vehicles to neighbouring countries such as Nepal and Bhutan.

  • mu-X - a seven seater SUV available both as 4x2 and 4x4 traction and 5-speed automatic transmission. Isuzu sold a commendable 1 751 mu-X SUVs during 2017 and 2018.
  • V-Cross
  • S-Cab - pickup/utility vehicle
  • D-MAX - pickup/utility vehicle

Jeep India (FCA India Automobiles Pvt. Ltd.)

Jeep's offerings include the Compass SUV and the Wrangler 4x4 off-road SUV. Both models are locally manufactured/assembled. Jeep India sold 12 136 units in 2021.

Kia Motors India

Kia Motors made a debut in the Indian car market in 2019 and become a major player in the SUV segment in a relatively short period of time and by end '22 the company had sold over 0.8 million cars in India while sales for 2022 amounted to 336 619 units incl. 254 556 units for the domestic market and 82 063 exported units. Trial production of the Seltos SUV commenced in Jan '19 at the newly built Ananthapur (AP) auto plant which has an annual capacity of 300 000 vehicles. The Seltos SUV was officially launched in Aug '19 followed by the Carnival MPV in Feb '20. The Carens RV was launched in Feb '22 and Kia's first EV will be launched in Jun '22.

  • Carens -The popular 7-seater recreational vehicle was launched in Feb '22 (first cars rolled out in Jan '22)
  • Carnival
  • EV6
  • Seltos
  • Sonet - The Sonet compact SUV is available with both petrol (1 & 1.2L) and diesel (1.5 L) engines. Kia had sold over 20 000 Sonet cars till Oct '20.

Mahindra & Mahindra

M & M sold over 548 000 motor vehicles in 2017-18 of which over 520 000 were sold in India and ca 28 000 exported in. Group revenue increased to almost ₹ 476 bn. The company manufactures motor vehicle products at plants located across six Indian states incl. Chakan, Igatpuri Kandivali, Nagpur and Nashik in Maharashtra, Jaipur in Rajasthan, Mohali in Punjab, Haridwar and Rudrapur in Uttarakhand, Pithampur in Madhya Pradesh and Zaheerabad in Telangana. Ssangyong's Rexton G4 SUV was launched in Nov '18 and named as the Alturas G4 for the Indian market the sale of which was discontinued in 2022. Mahindra's newest SUV, the XUV700, was launched in Oct '21.

  • eKUV100 - Mahindra launched an electric version of the compact KUV100 SUV in Feb '20. The eKUV100 is priced at ₹ 850k (ex-showroom Delhi) making it the most affordable electric SUV currently available in the Indian auto market. Deliveries will begin in April.

Mahindra Electric Ltd.

Mahindra Electric produces three models of electric vehicles, the Mahindra e2oPlus, a 4-door compact, eVerito sedan, eSupro van and an electric auto rickshaw, the e-Alfa Mini. The present monthly capacity of 400 units will gradually be increased up to 5 000 units in 2019. Mahindra Electric sold 10 276 EVs in 2018-19.

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. (MSIL)

MSIL began manufacturing Suzuki Alto model cars in Dec 1983 in Gurgaon (Gurugram) after which it quickly overtook both Hindustan Motors and Premier Auto to become India's largest car manufacturer as early as the mid-eighties. The company's net sales amounted to ₹ 830 billion in 2018-19 while total auto sales increased to 1.86 million units (205 000 cars were exported in 2021) in the same year. Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan has a 56.2 % stake in MSIL. MSIL's total auto production crossed 20 million in June '18 while car exports reached almost 2.2 m in Dec '21. Maruti cars have been exported to over 100 countries since 1987. Maruti cars are sold through a network of over 4 000 outlets.

MSIL currently operates four assembly plants including an auto/transmission/engine plant in Manesar (Haryana) through a joint venture (Maruti Suzuki Automobiles India) with Suzuki Motor Corp. MSIL has a total auto manufacturing capacity of 1.55 million units per annum. Construction of a greenfield manufacturing facility at Sonipat (Haryana) is planned to commence in '22. The facility is expected to be completed in 2025. The plant will have a capacity to manufacture a million cars per annum.

  • Alto / Alto K10 - Maruti's cumulative sales of the Alto model reached 4 million in Aug '20 ranking the Alto as India's best selling car model. The Alto hatchback was launched in 2000.
  • Celerio / CelerioX - hatchback
  • DZire - sedan is available with 1.2L petrol or 1.3L diesel engines.
  • Ertiga
  • Grand Vitara - SUV
  • Gypsy - utility/offroad
  • S-Presso Maruti's latest mini SUV model launched in 2019.
  • Swift - The sales of this popular hatchback reached 2 m units in Nov '18. The model was launched in 2005.
  • Vitara Brezza - SUV
  • WagonR - The WagonR, one of India's best-selling passenger car, has sold over 2.1 m units (till June '18) since its launch in 1999.
  • XL6 - SUV
  • EECO - van and can be used as a 7-seater passenger vehicle like the older Omni van.
Models sold exclusively through NEXA outlets.
  • Baleno
  • Ciaz- Maruti has sold 300 000 units (Sep '21) of the popular Ciaz sedan since its launch in 2014.
  • Ignis
  • S-Cross - crossover

Mercedes-Benz India

Mercedes-Benz India's sales in 2022 increased to 15 822 compared to 11 242 units sold in 2021. Total sales since 1994, starting with the assembly of the E-class W 124 model, reached 110 000 in Nov '19. Total sales of E-series cars since 1995 reached 34 000 units in Feb '17. The cumulative sales for the C-Class range of car variant, since the model was launched in India in 2001, surpassed 37 000 units by Apr '22. Mercedes-Benz sells the A, B, C, E, S, CLA, CLS, GLA, GLC, GLE and GLS models in addition to the luxurious Maybach sedan and AMG models. The electric EQS sedan model is expected to be launched by end '22.

The Mercedes-Benz plant is located on a 100 acre site in Chakan, Maharashtra with a capacity to produce 20 000 cars per annum. Mercedes-Benz cars are sold in 47 cities located across India.

MG Motor India

MG (Morris Garages) India first model launched in May '19 was the Hector SUV which is offered with three engine variants: 1.5 L turbo-petrol, 2 L diesel and a 48 V mild hybrid with the 1.5L petrol engine. The ZS EV, an electric SUV along with the premium Gloster SUV were launched in 2020 and the mid-sized SUV Astor in Oct '21. MG sold 28 162 cars in 2020. MG Motor's auto plant is located in Halol, Gujarat and is currently being expanded to an annual capacity of 100 000 vehicles.

MINI India

Mini India offers a range of MINI car models incl. hatchback, convertible and the locally (at BMW Chennai plant) produced MINI Countryman SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) variants. MINI India sold 512 cars in 2020 compared to 641 cars sold in 2019.

Mitsubishi Motors India

Mitsubishi Motors manufactures the Pajero Sport SUV and its variants - the Pajero Sport Dual Tone-AT and the Pajero Sport Select Plus-AT. The Outlander crossover is also available. Mitsubishi's auto plant is located in Thiruvallur near Chennai.

Nissan Motor India / Datsun (Datsun discontinued in H1/2022)

Nissan sells a range of cars in the Indian market through a 95 dealer network. Nissan's production in India includes the Magnite and Kicks models at the Renault Nissan plant (capacity: 480 000 units pa) located near Chennai. Nissan Motor India wholesales amounted to 18 591 cars in India in H1/FY21 and exports were at 18 608 for the same half year period. Total exports since Nissan began production in India has surpassed 700 000 units.

  • Magnite - Nissan's 1 L compact SUV launched in late '20 with total bookings reaching 65 000 by Sep '21. Magnite SUVs are exported to at least South Africa, Indonesia and Nepal.
  • GT-R
  • Kicks - launched in Jan '19 - engine options include a 1.5 L diesel and petrol engine
The sale of Datsun brand cars was discontinued in Apr '22

Renault India

Renault India's current range of cars include the Lodgy MPV, Duster crossover, Captur SUV and the KWID hatchback. Renault India sold 112 489 cars in 2017 (132 235 in 2016) through a network of over 500 sales outlets. A new compact SUV Triber was unveiled in June '19. Renault commenced delivery of the of its latest compact SUV, the Renault Kiger, in Mar '21. Cumulative sales of of the Kiger SUV reached 50 000 units in Jul '22.

Škoda Auto India Ltd.

Škoda Auto India's product range includes a range of cars assembled at Škoda's Aurangabad plant, ŠkodaAuto's first auto assembly plant setup outside of Europe. The current capacity is 50 000 units per annum. Škoda sold 23 858 cars in 2021. Škoda Auto has established itself in the Indian auto market having produced around 250 000 cars (early 2018) since the end of 2001.

  • Kodiak SUV has been relaunched in India after a two year hiatus
  • Kushaq SUV
  • Octavia sedan
  • Rapid sedan
  • Slavia sedan - production commenced in early '22 at VW India Chakan plant
  • Superb sedan

Suzuki Motor Gujarat Private Limited (SMG)

SMG is a fully owned subsidiary of the Japanese Suzuki Motor Corporation. Car production commenced in Feb 2017 at a plant located near Hansalpur, Gujarat. The plant has an annual capacity of 250 000 vehicles. Another plant is under construction for the production of engines and transmission units. Vehicles produced for Maruti Suzuki include the Baleno and Swift hatchbacks. The second SMG auto plant (annual capacity 250 000 vehicles) in Gujarat began production of the Swift hatchback in Jan '19 Domestic production is supplied to Maruti Suzuki. A powertrain plant was also commissioned.

Tata Motors Ltd.

Tata Motors is India's largest (2016-17 net revenue - ₹ 448 bn) and is ranked as the fifth largest medium and heavy commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world. Tata Motors sold 542 561 units in 2016-17. Domestic car sales amounted to 153 151 units while utility and commercial vehicles sales added up to 325 211 units in 2016-17. Exports amounted to 64 199 vehicles in the same year. Tata Motors' cumulative passenger vehicle production crossed the five million mark in Mar '23.

Tata's low-cost (approx. 2 500 USD) people's car, the 4-door Nano, was unveiled at the AutoExpo 2008 in Delhi and launched on Mar 23 '09. Tata invested approx. ₹ 17 bn developing and producing the Nano. A dedicated auto plant (with an annual production capacity of 250,000 units) for the Nano at Sanang, Gujarat was inaugurated in June 1010. Unfortunately production of the Nano has practically come to a standstill in 2018 and production will end by Apr '20. Tata Marcopolo Motors Ltd. (TMML) manufactures fully built buses and coaches incl. low-floor intra-city models. Tata sold 14 917 buses in India in 2015-16. A new hatchback named Altroz, is expected to be launched in mid-'19.

Tata Starbus
A DTC Tata intracity Starbus in central Delhi - Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland made low-floor buses are used on an increasing number of bus routes throughout Delhi comprising a fleet of over 600 buses (total bus fleet is ca 3 700), a few of which are AC CNG buses. DTC also inducted 150 electric buses into service in May '22 and plans are to procure around 2 000 e-buses by '23. Quite a few other Indian urban transport companies, including those operating in Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Indore, Kolkata, Mysore, Navi Mumbai and Mumbai (54 cities in total) are gradually deploying modern buses under a funding scheme provided by the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) for the financing of new passenger transport equipment (14,240 buses as of Feb '09).
Tata Indigo dashboard
A view of the dashboard of a Tata Indigo. Tata has sold over a million Indicas/Indigo cars.
SUVs, MUVs and UVs
  • Harrier - The Harrier SUV model was launched in Jan '19 and is available in four variants and powered by a diesel engine. Cumulative sales reached ca 50 000 by Sep '21.
  • Hexa
  • Safari - Tata launched the all new Safari SUV in Jan '21. The original avatar of the Safari SUV was launched in 1998 when SUVs were few and far between.
  • Nexon - Tata had manufactured over 164 000 Nexons till end '20 from its Ranjangaon plant.
  • Punch - Tata's new subcompact crossover SUV unveiled in Oct '21
  • Nexon EV - The fully electric version of the Nexon compact SUV was launched in Jan '20. The Nexon EV was India's best-selling EV in 2020 with sales of 2 530 units.
  • Tigor EV - An electric version of the Tigor sedan

Toyota Kirloskar Motor

Toyota Kirloskar sold 130 768 in 2021. Toyota's manufacturing plant is located at Bidadi, Karnataka and consists of two units with a total capacity of 310 000 units.

  • Camry Hybrid sedan
  • Fortuner - over 100 000 Fortuner SUVs were sold till Jan '17
  • Glanza - around 65 000 units of the Glanza hatchback have been sold till Jan '22
  • Hilux pickup was launched in Jan '22. The Hilux pickup is assembled at the Bidadi plant from CKD kits and is powered by a 2.8 l diesel engine.
  • Innova Crysta - The new Crysta model was launched in May '16. The Innova is one of the best selling MPVs in India since being launched in 2005 with total sales adding up to 600 000 till May '16.
  • Urban Cruiser - The popular compact SUV has sold over 35 000 units till Jan '22

Selected defunct models

  • Corolla Altis - Production has ended for the Corolla Altis which will not be updated to BS IV emission standards. Toyota sold almost 116 000 Corolla models since its launch in 2003.
  • Etios Liva / Platinum Etios - The Etios hatchback and sedan variants will not be updated to BS (Bharat Stage) VI emission standards. Etios series model sales ended in Mar '20 with cumulative sales reaching 448 000 since 2010.
  • Etios Cross
  • Yaris

Volkswagen India

Volkswagen operates a 200 000 car annual capacity plant in Chakan near Pune (Maharashtra) spread over 570 acres. The plant manufactured over 135 000 cars in 2017-18 of which 45 239 were sold in India. VW India rolled out its ½ millionth manufactured car in May '15. VW launched the new Taigun, a compact SUVW in Sep '21. The Volkswagen Virtus sedan is expected to be launched in May '22 as a replacement for the older Vento sedan.
View of VW India auto plant

Volvo Cars India

Volvo sells cars through a 25 strong dealership network in India. Car models sold include the V40 hatchback, V40 Cross Country, V90 Cross Country, S60 sedan, XC60, S60 Cross Country and S90 sedans, XC90, XC90 Excellence and the XC40 compact hybrid SUV. Volvo plans to launch the fully electric XC40 Recharge SUV model in H1/2022.

These car models are priced at approx. ₹ 4 million and ₹ 5 million respectively and are imported from Volvo's Gothenburg factory in Sweden. Volvo sold 1 724 car in 2021, a considerable increase over the 1 361 cars sold in 2020. Volvo Cars commenced assembly of the XC90 SUV in Oct 2017 in a plant located in Hoskote near Bengaluru. The XC60 and X90 models are also assembled in Volvo's India plant. The XC40 compact SUV and the XC60 SUV were the best-selling models for Volvo in 2020.

Imported Car / Motorcycle Makes

Aston Martin

Aston Martin has a single dealership in Delhi although the car maker has plans to expand its presence elsewhere in India. Models on offer include the DBX (Aston Martin's first SUV model), DB11 and Vantage.



Bentley models on offer include the Bentayga, Continental coupe, Flying Spur and Mulsanne. Bentley sells its cars through three dealers located in Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

BMW Motorrad

BMW Motarrad sold 5 191 and 2 563 motorcycles in 2021 and 2020 respectively including the popular G 310 R/GS models which are manufactured in India. 


Bugatti launched its Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport sports car in Oct '10 with a price tag starting at ₹ 120 million.



Ferrari models on sale include the California convertible, FF, 458, 488 and F12 Berlinetta.

Indian Motorcycle

Jaguar India

Jaguar offerings include the F-TYPE, F-PACE, XE and XF models. Jaguar commenced assembly of its XF in India in Jan '13 and presently assembles the F-PACE crossover and XF models. JLR sold 4 596 in 2018 compared to 3 954 cars in 2017. JLR has 29 sales outlets in 24 cities across India.

Jeep India

Jeep's offerings include the Compass SUV and the Wrangler 4x4 off-road SUV.

KTM India


Lamborghini's offerings include the Aventador and Huracan sports cars. The Aventador S super sports car costs around ₹ 50 m. While Lamborghini sold 69 cars in 2021, cumulative sales had breached the 400 mark by Mar '22 since the brand was officially launched in India in 2007.

Land Rover India

Land Rover models sold in India include the Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Velar, Range Rover Sport, Discovery, Discovery Sport and the New Defender.


Lexus sells the ES sedan, NX compact SUV, RX crossover, LX SUV models in India. Hybrid models include the ES 300h Luxury sedan, NX 300h Luxury compact SUV, NX 300h F Sport compact SUV, RX 450h and RX450 F Sport crossovers.


Maserati has re-entered the Indian market with the launch of the Quattroporte GTS super saloon in late 2017. New models to be launched in 2022 include the Levante Hybrid SUV and the MC20 super sports car.

Porsche Cars India Pvt. Ltd.

Porsche has showrooms in Gurgaon, Kolkata, Kochi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad and plans to add four more in '22. Porsche sold a record 474 cars in 2021 which saw further increase in H1/22 with 378 cars sold. Porsche sells the electric Taycan, 718 Boxster, Cayman, 911 coupe models, Panamera/Panamera Turbo sports sedan and the Macan (187 units sold in '21) and Cayenne SUVs. Porsche has sold an estimated 3 500 cars in India over the years.


Roll-Royce cars are sold through RR dealers located in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. The flagship RR Phantom Rolls-Royce bears an ex-showroom price tag of ₹ 95 m and ₹ 114 m for the standard and extended wheelbase variants making these the costliest cars sold in Indina. India is now RR's third largest market in the Asia-Pacific region with estimated sales at over 250 cars since the marque was relaunched in India in 2005. Earlier on India was a major market for Rolls-Royces. According to John M. Faisal, an automobile historian, as many as 900 cars with the famous Spirit of Ecstasy mascot on the bonnet were sold to Indian princes before 1947. Read more here: Maharajas' rendezvous with Rolls-Royce >>

Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph estimated sales for 2017 would amount to 1300 motorcycles. During 2018 the company expects to assemble ca 90 % of the models sold in India at its assembly facility located in Manesar.

Defunct Car Manufacturers

General Motors (India) Ltd. (domestic sales ended in 2017)

General Motors ceasedt auto sales in the Indian market although export production continues at its Talegaon (Maharashtra) plant. SAIC purchased GM's former Halol (Gujarat) facility. GM sold 25 823 cars in 2016-17. GM produced around ½ million cars for the Indian market since launching its first offering, the Opel Astra sedan in 1996.

Hindustan Motors Ltd. (production ended)

HM was a Kolkata based car manufacturer with manufacturing facilities at Uttarpara (West Bengal), Pithampur (Madhya Pradesh), Thiruvallur (Tamil Nadu) and Hosur (Karnataka). HM sold 9,211 motor vehicles in 2008-09 including Mitsubishi models. Ambassador (petrol, diesel and CNG) - Production of the Ambassador which was based on an early 50's Austin Oxford model ended in 2014. Over 800 000 Ambassadors were produced.

Image above: A Hindustan Contessa in Hyderabad. Contessas are now a rare sight on Indian roads. The Contessa's body is based on the early-seventies Vauxhall Victor (Opel Rekord). Production of the Contessa spanned two decades from 1982. Production ended in 2002. The Contessa was one of the few more luxurious cars built in India (alongwith the Standard Motors' Standard 2000 model) prior to economic reforms in the early nineties.

International Cars and Motors Ltd.

ICML, a unit of the Sonalika Group, manufactured the Extreme MPV and other models.

Premier Ltd.

Premier produced a compact SUV called the Rio with total sales till date (Nov '11) amounting to ca 2000 units. Production ended in 2018 as the company ceased operations. Premier, the erstwhile manufacturer of the Premier Padmini small sedan made a comeback with the launch of the RiO mini SUV, based on the Chinese Zotye Nomad model. The RiO is reasonably priced at less than ₹ 500 000 and is powered by the Peugeot TUD5 1.5 l diesel engine. Premier also manufactured LCV's.

Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers/Importers

Ashok Leyland manufactures Iveco trucks in addition to buses and other light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles. The company sold 174 873 vehicles in 2017-18 with total revenues of ₹ 262 bn. AL's bus sales in India amounted to 19 586 in 2015-16. AL has plants located at Ennore, Sriperumbudur, Hosur (all in Tamil Nadu), Bhandhara (Maharashtra), Alwar (Rajasthan) and Pantnagar (Uttarakhand).
AMW manufactures heavy-duty trucks (tractors and tippers) at a plant located in Bhuj, Gujarat. AMW has produced some 10,000 trucks till date (Feb '10).
Atul Auto manufactures a range of three-wheelers from its plant located in Shapar, near Rajkot (Gujarat).
Daimler sold 22 532 trucks in 2018 and over 90 000 units (till 2021) since launching the BharatBenz range of trucks in 2012. Truck exports increased to 4 300 units in 2016. DICV's plant is located in Oragadam, Tamil Nadu producing a range of light, medium and heavy-duty trucks in the range of 9 to 55 tons, buses, engines and transmission units. Brands include BharatBenz (trucks and buses), FUSO, Mercedes-Benz (buses) and Freightliner. DICV had exported 25 000 heavy vehicles till Aug '19.

Force Motors Ltd.

The Force Motors (erstwhile Bajaj Tempo) product portfolio includes a range of LCV's, utility and commercial vehicles. Force Motors has also planned a joint venture with Neoman for the manufacture of chassis and complete buses. Force Motors launched the 4WD Gurkha model in Oct '21 initially available as a 3-door version with manual transmission.


Olectra Greentech manufactures electric buses in collaboration with Chinese BYD Auto Industry, the latter being the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the world. Over 100 eBuzz K7 and K9 buses are operating in eg Mumbai (BEST Undertaking), Hyderabad (TSRTC), Kerala, Nagpur, Pune and for the Himachal Pradesh Transport Road Transport Corp (HTRC). The electric buses come with a range 200 kms when fully charged. Charging takes less than 4 hrs.

PMI Electro Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
PMI Electro Mobility Solutions manufactures electric buses in collaboration with Beiqi Foton Motor Co, a Chinese automotive company.
Coach manufacturer manufacturing a range of buses, motor homes, special utility vehicles, trailers and cargo boxes.
JBM Auto manufacturers modern low-floor city buses including an electric powered bus model
Mahindra Truck and Bus Division
MAN Trucks India Pvt. Ltd.
MAN Trucks had manufactured over 25 000 trucks by mid-2017 but announced the exit from the Indian market in Aug '18.
Premier manufactures the Roadstar, a small truck for intra-city transport.
Scania has produced more than 1500 trucks and 250 buses at its two Indian plants. Scania discontinued bus body production in mid-2018.
SML Isuzu sold 5 043 commercial vehicles, incl. 955 buses and 4 088 trucks, in 2020-21.
Luxury coach manufacturer
Tata Motors sold 305 620 commercial vehicles in 2016-17 in India. See more in the car section.
VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.
Volvo Eicher sold 41 268 trucks and buses in 2020-21. Manufactured brands include Eicher (trucks and buses) and Volvo buses and trucks.
Volvo India manufactures FM12 and FM9 series rigid/trailer trucks. Volvo also manufactures buses (capacity: 1800 units pa). Volvo's Hoskote (Karnataka) plant has an installed capacity of 4000 trucks pa. in double shifts. Volvo has sold over 6 000 buses since 2001. Volvo sold around 700 buses in 2012. Volvo is exporting trucks to South Korea in addition to some of the neighbouring countries. A new joint-venture, Volvo Bus BodyTechnologies, manufactures bus bodies in a plant located at Hosakote, Karnataka. A target has been set to sell 450 buses, including a new version of the Volvo 9400 inter-city model, this year.
Ural India, an Indo-Russian joint-venture, manufactures of URALAZ medium and heavy commercial vehicles. Ural India's plant is located at Haldia, West Bengal.


Produces the Ambylimo, a stretched fully equipped Hindustan Ambassador limousine.

Two/Three Wheeler/Quadricycle Manufacturers

Ather Energy

Ather Energy manufactures the Ather 450 electric scooter.

Bajaj Auto Ltd.

India's second largest two/three-wheeler manufacturer (2016-17 net sales ₹ 214 bn) and the world's third largest in terms of volumes. Bajaj Auto sold 3.67 million units in 2016/17. Total exports amounted to approx. 2½ units to over 70 countries in 2021. Bajaj Auto's three plants are located at Waluj (Aurangabad, Maharashtra), Chakan (Dist. Pune, Maharashtra) and Pantnagar (Uttarakhand) with an annual total production capacity of over 6 m units and employing over 9 500 persons. As for electric vehicles Bajaj manufactures the Chetak electric scooter.

The Supreme Court of India approved quadricycles in 2018 as a new vehicle category (kerb weight under 475 kgs for this class) and once the Bajaj Qute has passed the mandatory safety and crash tests the model is expected to be launched in India and available to consumers. The vehicle is powered by a 216 cc one cylinder petrol engine.

Classic Legends Pvt. Ltd.

Classic Legends, a subsidiary company of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, will introduce the legendary Jawa motorcycle brand in India. Three models will be available in 2019 featuring 293/334 cc single cylinder DOHC engines producing 27 to 31 bhp. BSA, another historic brand, is also reportedly making a comeback.

Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd.

Mahindra Two Wheelers manufactures the Stallio motorcycle and various scooter models. The company sold 134,570 units in 2011-12.

Lohia Auto Industries

Lohia Auto manufactures electric scooters at its plant located in Kashipur, Uttarakhand.

Hero Motocorp Ltd.

Hero MotoCorp Honda, the world's largest two-wheeler manufacturer, sold over 7.2 million units (mainly motorcycles) in 2017. The company has plants located at Dharuhera (Haryana), Gurgaon (Haryana), Haridwar (Uttarakhand) and Neemrana (Rajasthan). Net income amounted to ₹ 290 billion in 2015-16.

Harley-Davidson India

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter Pvt. Ltd.

Honda manufactures scooters and motorcycles at four plants located in Manesar (Haryana), Tapukara (Rajasthan), Vithalapur (Gujarat) and Narsapura (Karnataka). The company sold 5.008 million two-wheelers in 2016-17. Exports amounted to 283 153 units. HMSI has sold 25 million Activa scooters in India since its launch in 2001.

Hop Electric

Hop Electric manufactures a range of electric two-wheelers incl. the Oxo motorbike (to be launched in Q1/22), the Hop Leo and Hop Lyf scooters at its plant located in Jaipur.

India Kawasaki Motors Pvt. Ltd.

India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd.

Yamaha Motor India sold 786 000 motorcycles in India in 2016 in addition to exports.

LML Ltd.

LML sold approx. 75 000 two-wheelers in 2005-06. LML manufactures lifestyle motorcycles (150 cc), motorcycles (110 to 125 cc) and scooters (150 cc).

Okinawa Autotech Pvt. Ltd.

Okinawa Autotech manufactures an electric scooter models including the Praise with an ex-showroom (Delhi) price tag of approx. ₹ 59 900 and the Ridge model.

Ola Electric

Ola Electric manufactures electric two-wheelers (S1 and S1 Pro models) from its plant located in Krishnigiri district (Tamil Nadu). Deliveries commenced in Oct '21.

Piaggio Vehicles(PVPL)

Royal Enfield Motors Ltd.

Manufacturer of the legendary "Bullet" motorcycles. The Indian Police and defence forces use "Bullet" motorcycles. Royal Enfield sold 452 812 motorcycles (incl. export of 8 285 units) in 2015. Royal Enfield operates two factories located at Chennai and Jaipur.

Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt. Ltd.

Suzuki Motorcycle India cumulative scooter and motorcycle sales crossed the six million mark in early '21 (ca 590 k two-wheelers in 2021-21). Suzuki Motorcycle India's manufacturing plant is located in Gurugram, Haryana with an annual capacity of 750 k two-wheelers.

Tork Motorcycles

Pune based Tork Motorcycles plans to launch the Krator (aka T6X) electric motorcycle in early '22.

TVS Motor Company Ltd.

TVS Motor Co., the eight largest 2-wheeler manufacture in the world, recorded net sales of ₹ 223 bn and sold 2.11 million two-wheelers in India in 2021. TVS's plant is located at Hosur, Karnataka. TVS launched it first 3-wheeler, the TVS King, on March 9 '08. The 3-wheeler segment was till now dominated by Bajaj Auto and Piaggio.

Three Wheeler Manufacturers

PVPL manufactures diesel three-wheelers (pick-ups, delivery vans and passenger vehicles) at its Baramati (Maharashtra) plant. PVPL has announced plans to manufacture LCV's and possibly two-wheelers.
Government owned Scooters India Ltd. (1998-99 turnover: 1.36 billion Rupees) produced over 16,000 Vikram range of three-wheelers last year. SIL produces an electric 3-wheeler, the Vikram-EV. Vikram-EV is driven by a DC motor capable of delivering 7.5 bhp. A gas powered three-wheeler is also under development.
KAL produced 7240 three-wheelers in 1999-00.

Tractor Manufacturers

Manufactures tractors and diesel engines at a plant located at Ranipet, Tamil Nadu.
LTJD's tractor plant is located at Sanaswadi, near Pune.
HMT Tractors
TAFE (Tractors And Farm Equipment Ltd.)
The world's largest (volume wise) tractor manufacturer sold 317 531 tractors in 2017-18 of which 302 082 units were sold in India and 15 449 tractors were shipped to various countries. Mahindra USA sold 22 636 tractors in 2017-18.M&M also operates CKD facilities in Mexico and Brazil.
Sonalika sold a record 100 001 tractors in 2017-18. The tractor range spans from 20 up to 120 HP. Sonalika's product line includes an electric tractor named Tiger
Escorts sold 106 741 tractors in 2020-21 including exports of 4 893 tractors.
New Holland Tractors sold 9 714 tractors in 2004. The company has invested ca USD 100 m in India and exports Indian made tractors to 2 countries. New Holland expects a turnover of ₹ 5 bn in 2005.

Earth Moving, Material Handling and Construction Machinery Manufacturers

JCB India Ltd.
Escorts Construction Equipment Ltd.
Bharat Earth Movers Ltd. (BEML)
Caterpillar India
L&T Construction & Mining Equipment
LeeBoy India
Voltas India

Automotive Parts Manufacturers

Ashok Leyland - Leyparts
Tata AutoComp Systems Ltd.(TACO), India
Clutch Auto Ltd.
India Pistons Ltd.
Bharat Gears
Bharat Forge
Motherson Sumi
Exide Industries
Rico Auto
Bosch India
Amtek Auto
Sono Koyo

Tyre Manufacturers

Tyre Statistics

  • Indian tyre production (2019-20) estimate: ~ 177 million units
  • Indian tyre exports (2019-20): ~ 34 million units
  • Tyre industry turnover (2019-20): ~ ₹ 600 bn
Automotive Tyre Manufacturers' Association
Goodyear India
Apollo Tyres
Michelin India
- MRF is ranked among the top 20 tyre manufacturers of the world with an income of ₹ 151 bn in 2016-17.
TVS Srichakra Ltd.
Ceat Tyres
JK Tyre
Yokohama India