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India was the sixth largest motor vehicle/car manufacturer in the world in 2015. Indian auto manufacturers produced a record 23.4 milion motor vehicles in 2014-15 (Apr-Mar), incl. 3.22 million passenger vehicles. India is the largest manufacturer of three-wheelers (949 000 in 2014-15) and the eighth largest commercial vehicle (697 000 in 2014-15). Two-wheeler production reached 18.5 m units in the same year. India is the largest tractor manufacturing country (around 1/3 of global output) with a total domestic sales of 664 000 units in 2013-14. Construction vehicle production was approx. 48 000 in 2010-11.  2.03 million passengers cars were sold in India in 2015. The total turnover of the auto manufacturers amounted to USD 67 billion in 2012-13.

India is the second largest motorcycle (6.54 m produced in 2007-08) and the fourth largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world. Over 13 million people work directly or indirectly in the auto industry. Indian passenger vehicle exports amounted to 622,000 units in 2014-15, while 2.46 m two-wheelers (mainly motorcycles) and 408 000 three wheelers were shipped overseas in the same year.

The total turnover of the Indian automotive component industry was estimated at USD 35 billion in 2013-14. Auto ancillary exports fetched USD 10.2 bn in the same year while the total turnover of India's vehicle tyre industry amounted to an estimated ₹ 450 billion in 2013-14. The total number of registered motor vehicles on Indian roads reached 182 million in March 2013 of which 24.9 million were cars, taxis and jeeps (2013).

Established auto manufacturers and new entrants in the Indian auto market are expanding their production capacities on a large scale. Companies undergoing expansion include Maruti-Suzuki, GM, Tata Motors, VW Group, Toyota, Honda and Hyundai. The Renault-Nissan Alliance's maiden auto plant near Chennai commenced production in 2010. A second plant is planned. New auto makes planning to enter the Indian market include Isuzu, Jeep and possibly Mazda.

¹ Source: OICA (The International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers 2013 Statistics)

Domestic Motor Vehicle Sales (Apr 2015 - Mar 2016)

Video clip: Road traffic in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh - © Timir Mozumder

Video clips: Rush hour traffic in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - © Timir Mozumder

Above video clips: Hyderabad's total motor vehicle population amounted to 1.76 million as at Oct 2007. Road congestion and air pollution, due to a rapid growth in the number of private vehicles and road infrastructure not keeping pace with the growth in vehicle volumes, is a problem as in all the other major urban areas of India. Hyderabad also lacks an efficient and extensive public transport due to which a large number of private vehicles are in use. A metro rail system is being planned for the city.

Chevrolet dealer
A Chevrolet dealer showroom in Bangalore. Models sold in India under the Chevrolet brand include Tavera, Aveo, Aveo U-VA, Optra Magnum, Cruze, Spark and the Captiva SUV.

No. of Motor Vehicles (in millions) in Major Cities- March 2011
City Cars Motor Vehicles
Delhi 2.1 7.2
Bangalore 0.71 4.5 (2012)
Chennai 0.60 3.5
Kolkata 0.44 1.8 (2007)
Hyderabad 0.49 3.0
Pune 0.29 2.1
Lucknow 1.2 na
Mumbai 0.56 1.5

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Indian Manufacturers/Imported Cars - 2015/16 (April-March) Sales

Manufacturer Domestic Exports Total
Maruti Suzuki India 1 305 351 123 897 1 429 248
Hyundai Motor India 484 324 250,005 645 000
Tata Motors 174 692 (2012-13)  
GM India  
Ford India 87,600 30,435  
Toyota Kirloskar Motor 172 241  
Renault India 53 847 (2015)  
Volkswagen India    
BMW India 6 812 (2015)  
Mercedes-Benz India 13 558 (2015)  
Jaguar Land Rover ~3000 (2015)  
Volvo 1 423 (2015)  
Audi India 11 192 (2015)  

Domestic Car Sales Modelwise 2004-11
Model2004/052006 2007-08 2008 2009
2007-08: Indicates April 2007-March 2008, FY09=Apr'08-Mar'09
06-07: Indicates April 2006-March 2007
* Incl. of exports
** Apr-Dec 2006
¹ Estimate
² 2004-05
³ 2003-04
@ 04/04-12/04
Aston Martin             ca 30 a year (2013)
Audi A4 - - 102 1,050 (All Audi models) 1,658 (All Audi models)
3,003 ( all models)
5,511 (All models)
Audi A6 105 (all Audi models-'05) 300 (all Audi models) 349 (all Audi models) 111 (Jan-Apr) 396
Audi A8-- 172 1,050 (all Audi models)  
Audi Q5          
Audi Q7--   350  
Audi RS 5              
Audi R8 - - - 15  
Audi TT5 (2005)na     
ca 300 since 2003
BMW 3 Series-- 946 1,075 (FY09) 1,155
2,220 (Jan-Nov)
2788 (2012)
BMW 5 Series-- 822 1,352 (FY09) 1,590
2,030 (Jan-Nov)
2618 (2012)
BMW 6 series, X3 and X5 ca 40 (X5) 257 (all models) 83   4 (6 series, Mar)
BMW 7 Series-- 251 279 (FY09)  
BMW X1            
2461 (2012)
BMW X3, X5 and X6          
16 (Jan)
X3 930 (2012)
BMW Z4 Roadster        
Chevrolet Aveo - - 5,624 1,174 (Jan) 746 (Feb)
364 (Jan)
Chevrolet Aveo U-VA - - 11,523
434 (Jan)
Chevrolet Beat          
2,825 (Jan)
Chevrolet Captiva - - 607 2,134 (FY09) 201 (Feb)
72 (Jan)
Chevrolet Cruze        
812 (Oct)
686 (Jan)
Chevrolet Forester (discontd.) 260 (2003-2005) - - - -
Chevrolet Optra Magnum9 191na 6,058 (inc. SR-V model) 1287 (Jan-Mar) 89 (Feb)
51 (Jan)
Chevrolet Spark-- 22,060 7,265 (Jan-Mar) 2,940 (Feb)
3,477 (Jan)
Chevrolet SRV          
Chevrolet Tavera18 622 (2005)na 20,671 4,892 (Jan-Mar) 945 (Feb)
1,512 (Jan)
Fiat Grande Punto - - - -
~9,000 (Jun-Nov)
8,401 (all models in Apr-Jul)
Fiat Linea - - -
4,512 (FY09)
~ 12,000 (Jan-Nov)
Fiat Palio Stile791 (05-06) 1,614 (06-07) 3,303   
Fiat Petra/Adventure (discontd.)454 (05-06) 584 (06-07)     
Fiat 500 - - - ca 30 till Sept  
ca 65 till Jun '10
Force Trax - - 7,053 -  
Ford EcoSport              
Ford Endeavour1 818 (05-06)na 2,916 2,780 (FY09) 184 (Oct)
51,420 (all models Jan-May)
Ford Fiestaca 3 500na 22,855   
Ford Figo - - - - -
58,000 (till Nov)
Ford Fusion (discontd.)329²na 2,678   
Ford Ikon (discontd.)24 536na 4,797   
Ford Mondeo (discontd.)25² (05-06) 0    
Hindustan Ambassador12 740na 8,487   
Honda Accord3 324 (05-06)2,728 (06-07) 2,133 4,108 (FY09) 948 (Jan-Apr)
288 (Jan)
Honda Amaze              
Honda Brio              
Honda City37 545 (2005-06)40,464 (06-07) 40,536 (incl. Marina STW)   18,482 (Jan-Apr)
4,485 (Jan)
Honda Civicna16,262 (06-07) 16,723   2,386 (Jan-Apr)
644 (Jan)
Honda CR-V1 858 (05-06)1,873 (06-07) 3,425   501 (Jan-Mar)
76 (Jan)
Honda Jazz        
3,069 (Jun-Jul)
490 (Jan)
Hyundai Accent24 383na 8,274   
Hyundai Elantra (discontd.)2 331 (2005) 1,683 (06-07)  10 (Mar)  
Hyundai Eon              
Hyundai Getz Prime5 483na 16,787 9,442 (FY09)  
Hyundai i10-- 14,451 (2007) 106,110 (FY09) 24,990 (till Mar 12)
Hyundai i20-- - 4,991 (FY09) 4,940 (Oct)
Hyundai Santa Fe              
Hyundai Santro Xing103 301² 163,838 (06-07) 121,163 91,466 (FY09)  
Hyundai Sonata806 (2005)506 577 486 (FY09) 232 (Jan-Apr)
29 (Jan)
Hyundai Terracan (discontd.)318³   -
Hyundai Tucson884 (March-Nov 05)533 (incl. Terracan) 188 50 (FY09) 13 (Jan-Apr)
Hyundai Vernanana 24,370 2,132 (Feb)  
5,502 (Jan)
ICML Rhino--     
242 (incl. Land Rover)
891 (Apr-Mar '11) incl. Land Rovers
2289 (Apr-Mar'12) incl. Land Rovers
ca 17 (2012)
Land Roverca 30na   ~90 (2008) 242 (incl. Jaguar)
35 (Jan)
Mahindra Bolero - - 51,009 55,924 (FY09)  
Mahindra Max - - - 3,000 (Apr08-Feb09)  
Mahindra Scorpio31,661 (05-06)38,015 (06-07) 41,443 27,000 (Apr08-Feb09) 3,200 (Mar)
ca 44,000 ('10-'11)
Mahindra Thar              
Mahindra XUV500              
Mahindra Xylo--- 7,201 (FY09) ~10,500 (Jan-Apr)
Maruti 800116 262²79,245 (06-07) 69,553 49,383 (FY09) 9,915 (Apr-Jul)
Maruti A-Star - - -
15,736 (FY09)
2,784 (Jun)
2,494 (Jan)
Maruti Alto126 223²200,000+ (Apr06-Feb07) 227,173 218,127 (FY09) 240,000
Maruti Baleno (discontd.)6 521na     
Maruti DZire - - 5,658 61,952 (FY09)  
8,995 incl. SX4 (Jan)
Maruti Esteem (discontd.)18 379na 12,485   
Maruti Grand Vitaranana 795 270 (FY09)  
Maruti Gypsynana 3,132 7,219 (FY09)  
Maruti Kizashi          
103 (Mar '11)
Maruti Omni60 377²na 88,273   
Maruti Ritz        
6,214 (Jun)
Maruti Swift34 463 (May-Nov 05)na 88,745 110,071 (FY09)  
Maruti SX4 - - 31,192 1,953 (Feb)  
Maruti Versa4 291³na 1,456 1,440 (FY09)  
Maruti Wagon R79 712²na 132,727 134,768 (FY09) 140,000
163,000 (Apr-Mar '11)
Maruti Estilo65 345²na 50,635 (Zen and Estilo) 32,694 (FY09)  
Mercedes C-Class785883 1,127 1,765 1,607
5,109 (All models, Jan-Nov)
6,698 (all models Jan-Nov)
Mercedes E-Class825 (05)922 1,048 1,167 1,048
245 (Jan)
Mercedes S-Class144 (2005)248 518 561 467
22 (Jan)
Mercedes CLS/SLK/SL/CLK/M  na 118 141 (incl. 80 M-class) 125 (models other than C,E and S class)
6 CBU imports(Jan)
Maybach3 ('04 and '05)na na   
Mini Cooper              
Mitsubishi Lancer/Cedia2 509na 2,582 1,570 (FY09)  
Mitsubishi Outlander-- - 278 (FY09)  
Mitsubishi Pajero/Monteronana 1,676 1,814 (FY09)  
Nissan 370Z          
4 (Jan-Aug)
Nissan Micra          
~6,000 (Jul-Nov)
10,247 (H1)
Nissan Teana-- 347 58 (FY09) 207 (FY10)
179 (Apr-Nov)
58 (H1)
Nissan X-Trail253 (2005)250 173 100 (FY09)  
50 (Jul)
157 (H1)
Opel Corsa (discontd)8 369na - - -
Porsche (various models)ca 100 (2005)160 168 168  
Premier Rio          
Mahindra Verito (Renault Logan)-- 25,884 13,419 (FY09) 2,520 (Feb-Apr)
555 (Jan)
Mahindra Reva          
Renault Fluence            
290 (Jun)
Renault Koleos            
Rolls-Royce 5 (2005) 7 (2006) 12 (2007) 14 (2008) <10 (2009)
80 (2010)
ca 250 till date (end 2013)
San Stormnana     
Škoda Fabia - - 1,906 6,634  
5,510 (Jan-Mar) all Škoda models
9,257 (H1)
Škoda Octavia/Laura9 559 (05-06)11,433 10,944 7,459 (FY09)  
3,519 (H1)
Škoda Rapid              
Škoda Superbna769 586 694 (FY09) 541 (Apr-Jun)
2,078 (H1)
Škoda Yeti            
1,310 (H1)
Ssanyong Rexton              
Tata Aria              
Tata Indica111 574 (05-06)144,690 (06-07) 135,642 111,257 (FY09) 91,295 (Apr-Jan '10)
11,448 (Jan)
Tata Indigo/Indigo XL/Indigo CS39 377 (05-06)34,310 (06-07) 31,416 49,190 (FY09) 41,724 (Apr-Jan '10)
7,258 (Jan)
Tata Marina2 050na     
Tata Nano        
21,535 (Jul-Jan '10)
77,000 (till12/10)
Tata Safari4 692 (05-06)15,816 (06-07) 19,078   25,630 (Sumo+Safari: Apr-Jan '10)
3,538 (Safari/Sumo Jan)
Tata Sumo / Sumo Victa33 213 (05-06)32,077 (06-07) 28,622    
Tata Sumo Grande/MKII          
Tata Vista          
Tata Xenon XT--- 161 (FY09)  
Toyota Camry794 (2005) 1,001 (06-07) 988 182 (Apr-Jun) 44 (Apr-Jun)
120 (H1)
Toyota Corolla Altis8 974 (2005)na 6,204  9,172
4,901 (H1)
Toyota Etios            
20,765 (H1)
Toyota Etios Liva        
737 (Jun)
Toyota Fortuner        
~3,100 (Aug-Dec)
5,475 (H1)
Toyota Innova32 000 (2005)na 48,069  42,740
25,307 (H1)
Toyota Land Cruiser 200              
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado162 (2005)na 141 109 (FY09)  
Toyota Prius              
Toyota Qualis (discontd.)31 759²na     
VW New Beetle          
ca 240 till Jun '10
88 (H1)
VW Jetta--   1,566 (all VW models) 1,957 (Jan-Aug: all VW models)
975 (H1)
VW Passat--      
27,946 (Vento and Polo)
383 (H1)
VW Phaeton            
58 (till Jun '11)
VW Polo            
20,127 (H1)
VW Touareg--      
VW Vento - - - - -  
17,555 (H1)
Volvo V40 Cross Country              
Volvo S60              
Volvo S80-- ca 100 (all Volvo) ca 90 ( all Volvo models)  
320 (all models)
Volco XC60              
Volvo XC90--     

Domestic Motor Vehicle Sales (2015)

Monthly Domestic Sales Figures (units) - 2010/2011/2015

Passenger CarsCommercial VehiclesTwo-Wheelers

Monthly Domestic Sales Figures (units) - 2009

Passenger CarsCommercial VehiclesTwo-Wheelers
November 133,687 40,847  
September 129,683 45,451  
August 120,669 40,624 776,777
June 107,531 36,193 706,000
May 113,490 30,800 727,937
April 102,899 29,842 700,995
February 115,386 31,069 ~630,000
January 110,212 23,157 581,742

Monthly Domestic Sales Figures (units) - 2008

Passenger CarsCommercial VehiclesTwo-Wheelers
November 83,059 20,637 567,502
October 98,900 28,027 678,245
September 108,823 42,698 778,424
August 94,584    
July 113,817 34,359 599,369
May 110,743 35,294 647,358
April 130,013 33,271 616,038

Automotive Research

Imported Car Brand

Aston Martin has two dealerships in India, one in Mumbai and another one in Delhi.
Bentley offers five models through its New Delhi showroom, including the Arnage (RL saloon), Azure convertible, Brooklands coupe (two allocated to India), Continental GT sports coupe, Continental Flying Spur sports coupe and the Continental Flying Spur Speed super sedan. Bentley has sold over 100 cars in India since its launch in 2003. Bentley allocates limited numbers for each of its markets and sales for for 2008 were estimated atl 30-35 units. Ex-showroom (Delhi) prices range from ₹ 16.5 m (Continental Flying Spur) to ₹ 40 m (Brooklands coupe).
Bugatti launched its Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport sports car in Oct '10 with a price tag starting at ₹ 165 million.
National Garage of Mumbai is the dealer for Ferrari and Maserati cars. Models available include the 430 Modena and Ferrari Scaglietti and Maserati Quattroporte. A few Maseratis have already been sold.
Jaguar offerings include the XF, XJ and XK models. Jaguar commenced assembly of its XF in India in Jan '13 and presently assembles the XF and XJ models. JLR sold 2 913 cars in 2014.
Exclusive Motors is Lamborghini's distributor in India. The Gallardo, Gallardo Spyder and Murcielago models are available at price tags of ₹ 16.5 m, ₹ 18.5 m and ₹ 30 million respectively. Six cars were sold by July 2006. Other Lamborghini models include the Gellardo Superleggera. Lamborghini sold 11 cars in 2008.
JLR assembles the Freelander 2 and Range Rover Evoque models in India.
Porsche has showrooms in Gurgaon, Kolkata, Kochi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad. Porsche has sold around 650 cars till Oct '08 (150 in 2008). Porsche sells Boxster, Cayman, 911 coupe models, Panamera sports sedan and the Macan and Cayenne SUVs.
Roll-Royce cars are sold through RR dealers located in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. Rolls-Royce has managed to sell a dozen or so cars annually during the last few years. India is now RR's third largest market in the Asia-Pacific region with estimated sales adding upto 250 cars since the marque was relaunched in India in 2005. Earlier on India was a major market for Rolls-Royces. According to John M. Faisal, an automobile historian, as many as 900 cars with the famous Spirit of Ecstasy mascot on the bonnet were sold to Indian princes before 1947. Read more here: Maharajas’ rendezvous with Rolls-Royce >>
Volvo has 16 dealers located in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Kochi, Hyderabad, Pune, Vizag and Chennai. Car models on sale include the S60 and S80 sedans, XC60, XC90 SUV and V40 Cross Country. These car models are priced at approx. ₹ 4 million and ₹ 5 million respectively and are imported from Volvo's Gothenburg factory in Sweden. Volvo sold 1 423  cars in 2015, a substantial increase from 1202 cars sold in 2014.

Passenger Car/Utility Vehicle Manufacturers

Audi sells the A3, A4, A6, A7, A8, Q3, Q5, Q7, S4, S6, RS 5 Coupe, RS 7 Sportback, TT Coupe, and R8 range of models. Audi competes in a niche market along with BMW and Mercedes cars and sold 11 192 cars in 2015. Audi assembles the A4, A6, Q3, Q5 and Q7 models at ŠkodaAuto's plant located at Aurangabad, Maharashtra while the other models are imported from Ingolstadt, Germany. Audi cars are available through over 60 dealers across India.
BMW has an assembly plant with an annual capacity of 14 000 units in Chenglepet located near Chennai that rolled out its 25,000th BMW car in Jul '12. The plant assembles BMW X3, X5, 3, 5 and 7 series models. The present local content in the assembled cars is around 10 per cent. The current annual capacity of the plant is 11,000 cars. BMW imports the 7 series and the X3/X5 SUV's and the new X6 Sport Activity Coupe. BMW sells its cars through a network of 40 dealers. BMW sold 6 812 cars in 2015.
Fiat has had a long presence in India. Prior to Fiat India, Fiat had a technical collaboration with Premier Automobiles, the manufacturer of the Padmini model, a small sedan based on the third generation Fiat 1100D dated from the early sixties. Fiat India's earlier products included the Uno, Siena and Palio. Fiat's sales in India amounted to 10 380 in 2014-15.
Fiat Linea
Fiat Grande Punto
Ford India sold more than 60,000 cars in the Jan-Jun '11 period as compared to 83,887 cars in 2010. Car export destinations include countries such as South Africa, the Middle East region and a few European countries. Ford is planning to commission a new auto plant in Sanand, Gujarat in 2014. The plant would have a capacity to manufacture upto 240 000 cars and 270 000 engines.
Ford New Fiesta
Ford Fiesta Classic
Ford Figo 100,000 Figo's have been sold till Jun '11.
Ford Endeavour - A 3 litre turbo diesel SUV.

Ford India's manufacturing complex located at Maraimalai Nagar, approx. 40 km southwest of central Chennai.
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The capacity of GMIL's manufacturing planta at Halol (Gujarat) and Talegaon (Maharashtra) have a combined capacity of 225,000 cars per annum. GMIL sold 110,804 in 2010. GM has a design studio center in Bangalore in 2007 where it employs around 1,000 powertrain and vehicle engineers. GM's other investments in India include the setting up of an engine plant with an annual capacity of 160,000 units at Talegaon..
Chevrolet Cruze sedan
Chevrolet Spark minicar
Chevrolet Aveo sedan
Chevrolet Aveo U-VA A 1.2 L hatchback Aveo
Chevrolet Optra Magnum - 1.8 liter premium class sedan in the C-plus segment of which 9 191 units were sold in 2004.
Chevrolet Tavera 22,000 Tavera MUVs have been sold till date (09/05).
Chevrolet Captiva - The Captiva SUV is powered by a 148 bhp 2 liter common-rail diesel engine.
HM is a Kolkata-based car manufacturer with manufacturing facilities at Uttarpara (West Bengal), Pithampur (Madhya Pradesh), Thiruvallur (Tamil Nadu) and Hosur (Karnataka). HM sold 9,211 motor vehicles in 2008-09 including Mitsubishi models. HM manufactures Mitsubishi Lancers/Cedias, Pajeros, Outlanders and Montero SUV's at its Thiruvallur plant located near Chennai.
HM-Shifeng Winner HM's new mini-truck with a one ton payload capacity.
Ambassador (petrol, diesel and CNG) - arguably the most dated car model being commercially produced as the Ambassador is based on the early 50's Austin Oxford model. Over 800 000 Ambassador's have been manufactured till date. Despite its dated looks and technology the Ambassador still sells at 600-700 units per month. Governmental institutions are a major buyer for the Ambassador.
Ambassador Grand
Ambassador Avigo - The Avigo features most distinctly a new restyled rounded bonnet and many other minor alterations.

Image above: A Hindustan Contessa in Hyderabad. Contessas are now a rare sight on Indian roads. The Contessa's body is based on the early-seventies Vauxhall Victor (Opel Rekord). Production of the Contessa spanned two decades from 1982. Production ended in 2002. The Contessa was one of the few more luxurious cars built in India (alongwith the Standard Motors' Standard 2000 model) prior to economic reforms in the early nineties.

Multi-utility vehicles - HM's MUV range includes the Trekker, Porter and Pushpak models.
RTV - Rural transport vehicle. Production has stopped.
HM manufactures Mitsubishi Lancers/Cedias, Pajeros, Outlanders and Montero SUV's at its Thiruvallur plant located near Chennai. The new Lancer is expected to be launched by Apr '10.
Mitsubishi Cedia
Mitsubishi Montero
Mitsubishi Outlander
Mitsubishi Pajero - The 3.2 litre Pajero is imported while a 2.8 liter version is being locally manufactured.
HSCI manufactures the Jazz, Brio, City, Civic, CR-V and Accord models. HSCI's two auto plants are located in Surajpur, Greater NOIDA, U.P and Tapukara (Bhiwadi), Rajasthan.with a capacity to manufacture 100,000 cars per annum. Honda-Siel's sales amounted to 54 427 cars in 2011-12. Honda SIEL has produced over 300,000 cars by August '08. Honda began exporting Brio cars to South Africa/SADC countries in Oct '12.
Honda Amaze Honda's new entry-level sedan to be launched in Apr '13.
Honda Brio
Honda Accord
Honda Civic The Civic sedan is powered by a 132 PS 1.8 liter petrol engine.
Honda City This popular sedan has sold over 123,000 units since its launch in 1998.
Honda CR-VHonda manufactures the CR-V model at its Greater NOIDA plant. A total of almost 13 000 CR-V's have been sold in India since its launch in 2003.
Honda Jazz - Honda's new supermini hatchback is powered by a 1.2 liter petrol engine with 89 bhp output. Production of the current Jazz model will end in March '13 and a new generation version will be launched in early '14. Honda has sold ca 23 000 Jazz cars till Feb '13.
Hyundai Motor India's two adjacent car plants at Irungattukotai near Chennai have a combined capacity of 600,000 cars per annum, the parent company's largest auto manufacturing facilities outside of South Korea. HMIL sold 641,281 in 2012, second only to Maruti Suzuki. HMIL had reached a new milestone in Aug '10 having produced its 3 millionth car (1.6 million domestic bound and 1 million (Feb '10) exported). Hyundai is India's largest car exporter. Hyundai is planning to make its Indian operations a small car export hub (Santro Xing, Getz, Accent and i10 models) with in-house research and development. HMIL export base encompasses some 110 countries across the globe. Domestic auto sales amounted to 391,276 units while exports tallied at 250,005 cars in 2012.
i10 - This 1.1 litre A-class car is the first of the new i-series of models to be launched. Over 300,000 (144,000 domestic and 156,000 exports) i10's have been produced till mid-Mar '09.
i20 - a premium compact car which has become popular both in India and overseas. 19,000 i20's were shipped to Europe during theJan-Mar '09 period. A 1.5l diesel version is expected by end-2009.
Santro Xing - A 1086 cc 63 bhp 4-door subcompact. HMIL has produced over a million Santros/Santro Xings till date. Europe is a major export market where this model is branded as "Hyundai Atos".
Verna HMIL's new mid-size sedan offering.
Accent HMIL's mid-size sedan offering.
Sonata Transform HMIL's D-class car model features a 175 bhp DOHC engine. A 2.0 l diesel version is also available.
Getz Prime super-B segment car available with 1.1 and 1.3 L petrol engines. A diesel (CDRi) variant will be introduced next year.
Tucson Hyundai's SUV, priced at approx. ₹ 1.5 million, features a 2 l Common-rail turbocharged diesel engine.

HMIL's integrated manufacturing complex located in Irungattukottai, approx. 30 km west of central Chennai. A second plant was commissioned in Feb 2008 and is mainly used for the production of the i10 model. These plants form the hub of Hyundai's global small car production.
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ICML, a unit of the Sonalika Group, manufactures the Rhino MUV. ICML's auto plant is located at Amb, Himchal Pradesh and has a capacity to produce 24,000 units per annum.
M & M sold 178,229 vehicles (breakdown: 127,856 utility vehicles, 33,700 three-wheelers and 8,652 light commercial vehicles) including 8,021 units exported during 2006-07 and recorded net sales of ₹ 82.2 bn in 2005-06.
Navistar, North America's largest truck and bus company, has finalised through its operating company, International Truck and Engine Corporation, a joint venture (Mahindra International) with M&M to produce a range of commercial vehicles from Jan 2010. Mahindra launched a completely new MPV, the Xylo, in Jan 09. A new generation SUV, the XUV500, was launched in Oct '11.

XUV500 - Mahindra's most comtemporary SUV offering.
Verito - Mahindra produces the newly branded Verito (previously Renault Logan) sedan from a plant located in Nashik. The plant has an annual capacity of 50,000 cars. The Verito is available with 1.4 L and 1.6 L petrol engines and a 1.5 L diesel variant and is competitively priced. 14,404 Logans were sold in 2008-09.
Xylo - Mahindra's MPV
Scorpio - A stylish sports utility vehicle (SUV) available with diesel, CRDi (Scorpio 2.6 Turbo) and petrol engines. A new upgrade variant called the M-Hawk, features a 2.2 liter 120 bhp CRD engine. This variant is expected to be available in export markets as well.
Bolero - features a 63 bhp 2.5 litre turbo diesel engine.
Naya Commander 650 DI
Champion three-wheeler
Maxximo mini truck
Gio mini truck
MSIL began manufacturing Suzuki Alto model cars in Dec 1983 in Gurgaon after which it quickly overtook both Hindustan Motors and Premier Auto to become India's largest car manufacturer as early as the mid-eighties. The company's net sales amounted to ₹ 426 billion (2014/15) while total auto sales grew to 1.43 million units (incl. 124 000 cars exported) in 2015-16 (Apr-Mar). Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan has a 56.2 % stake in MSIL. MSIL's total auto production had exceeded 15 million in May 2015.
MSIL currently operates four assembly plants including an auto/transmission/engine plant in Manesar (Haryana) through a joint venture (Maruti Suzuki Automobiles India) with Suzuki Motor Corp. MSIL has a total auto manufacturing capacity of 1.55 million units per annum. Suzuki Motor Corporation is building a greenfield auto plant in Gujarat with an investment of  ₹ 185 billion. The plant is planned to commence car manufacturing in 2017.
Maruti Kizashi
Maruti DZireThe popular DZire sedan has sold 1 million units till May '15.
Maruti Ritz (marketed as the Splash model in overseas markets) compact hatchback comes with two engine options: a 84 bhp 1.2 l petrol and a 74 bhp 1.3 l diesel engine. Price range (ex-showroom Delhi): ₹ 390,000 to 490,000. The 100,000 production in units mark for the Ritz was achieved in Nov '10.
Maruti A-Star A popular export model, the 100,000 milestone (units produced) was achieved in Aug '09, The A-Star is also exported under the Nissan brand as the Pixo model.
Maruti SX4 Maruti's newest sedan offering, built on a modified Swift platform, features a 1.6 litre 102 BHP petrol engine.
Maruti Swift The Swift model is available with a 1.3 litre 86 bhp petrol engine and a 1.3 litre DDiS diesel engine. A saloon version of the Swift, the DZire is also available. The DZire replaces the old Esteem sedan which was launched in 1994. The sedan will be available with both diesel and petrol engines. Maruti has sold 1.3 million Swift's till May '15.
Suzuki Grand Vitara XL 7, imported directly from Japan, is available with 2.7 liter petrol engine.
Maruti Gypsy King (soft top and hard top) - Suzuki off-road vehicle (1.3 litre 81 bhp petrol engine).
Maruti Omni - Maruti mini-van offering. Over 1.7 million Omnis have been produced for the domestic market till May '15.
Maruti Wagon R - a 1061 cc 64 BHP spacious mini car with a high roof. MSIL has sold over 1.1 million Wagon R's in the domestic market till Feb '12.
Maruti Eeco - a compact Suzuki MPV (sold earlier on as the Versa).
Maruti Alto - Maruti's small car (796 cc 47 BHP petrol engine). The Alto is exported to various countries around the world and ranks consistently among India's top selling car models. Over 2.9 million Altos have been produced for the domestic market till Oct '15 since the models launch in September 2000.
Maruti Estilo - A 1061 cc car based on the Suzuki MR Wagon. The Estilo has replaced the Zen model, production of which ended in March 2006 with total sales amounting to 880,000 units since 1993.
Maruti 800 (production ceased in 2015) - A 796 cc 3-cylinder minicar (based on the first generation Suzuki Alto model from the early 80's) was once India's best selling car models due to its reasonable price tag and maintenance costs). A total of 2.9 million 800's were produced since its launch in Dec 1983.

Maruti's sprawling manufacturing complex in Gurgaon has a capacity to manufacture 700,000 cars per year. Maruti's total manufacturing capacity amounts to 900,000 million incl. plants at both Gurgaon and Manesar. Total car production amounted to 1.02 million units in 2009-10. The total capacity is expected to increase to 1.1 million by 2011. Maruti Suzuki cars are sold through 702 outlets in 478 cities and towns across India.
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Mercedes-Benz India's sales in 2015 amounted 13 252 cars. Total sales since 1995, starting with the assembly of the E-class W 124 model, would have crossed 50,000 in Jan '14. Mercedes-Benz India manufactures S-series 320 L , E-series E200, E230 and E250 and C-series cars. Mercedes-Benz India's local auto component vendors exported auto parts worth € 80 million in 2004 to Mercedes-Benz plants worldwide. Mercedes-Benz also sells the luxurious Maybach sedan in limited numbers and launched its A-class hatchback in 2013.

Two variants of the heavy-duty imported Actros range of tippers were launched in 2006. 240 trucks (Actros 4840K) were sold in 2008. Mercedes-Benz's plant located on a 100 acre site in Chakan, Maharashtra has a capacity to produce 10 000 cars (to be increased to 20 000) and 1,200 commercial vehicles per annum.
Nissan sells its a range of six cars in the Indian market through a 95 dealer network. Nissan's production in India includes the Micra, Sunny and Terrano model at its new plant (initial capacity: 200 000 units pa) located near Chennai. Nissan sold 33 275 cars in 2011-12.
Premier produces a compact SUV called the RiO with total sales till date (Nov '11) amounting to ca 2000 units. Premier, the erstwhile manufacturer of the Premier Padmini small sedan made a comeback with the launch of the RiO mini SUV, based on the Chinese Zotye Nomad model. The RiO is reasonably priced at less than ₹ 500,000 and is powered by the Peugeot TUD5 1.5 l diesel engine. Premier also manufactures LCV's.
Renault India's current range of cars include the Fluence and Scala sedans, Pulse hatchback, Lodgy MPV, Duster crossover, Koleos SUV and the KWID hatchback. Renault sold 53,847 cars in 2015.
A 50:50 joint venture floated jointly by Renault and Nissan. A auto plant at Oragadam near Chennai manufactures Nissan models including the new Micra. Renault manufactures the mid-sized Fluence sedan and Koleos compact SUV models from the new plant in 2011. A sub-compact car named as "Pulse" will be launched early next year.
Reva electric car. Read AutoAsia Online's Maini Reva article. RECC has introduced a concept car called the Reva-NXG, designed by Dilip Chhabria. Reva has sold around 2,500 vehicles as at Jan 2008. A large portion of Reva's production has found a home in export markets such as the UK, Norway, Spain and Italy. The company's car manufacturing capacity, currently at 6,000 cars a year, is being expanded to 30,000 per year. The new NXR model is expected to be launched early 2010.

ŠkodaAuto India's product range includes the Fabia, Octavia (1st generation), Laura (2nd generation Octavia) and Superb models. The Fabia, Octavia and Laura models are assembled at Škoda's Aurangabad plant, ŠkodaAuto's first auto assembly plant setup outside of Europe. The Yeti soft-roader was launched in late '10 and the production of the Rapid compact car began in Oct '11.

The current capacity is 50,000 units per annum. Škoda sold 30,005 cars in 2011 through a network of 90 dealers across India.
The Fabia hatchback model, launched in January 2008, has sold 25,000 units till Oct 2010. ŠkodaAuto's plant is also houses the assembly of both the Volkswagen Passat and Audi A6 models. These two models share the same platform with the Octavia model. The assembly of VW and Fabia models will be shifted to new VW plant coming up at Chakan. ŠkodaAuto India has sold ca 132,000 cars till the end of 2011.
Tata Motors is India's largest (2011-12 gross revenues - ₹. 543 bn) and the world's fifth largest medium and heavy commercial vehicle manufacturer. Tata sold 926,000 units during the year ended March 2012. Domestic passenger vehicle sales amounted to 200,159 units while commercial vehicles sales added upto 265,012 units in 2008-08. Exports amounted to 33,410 vehicles in the same year. Tata Motors has sold over one million passenger cars (as at Oct 05) since the first model, the Tata Sierra was introduced in 1991. Tata Motors has begun the manufacture of the 300 hp Novus range of heavy commercial vehicles in collaboration with Daewoo Commercial Vehicles at a new plant in Jamshedpur with an initial capacity of 6000 units pa. Tata's low-cost (approx. 2,500 USD) people's car, the 4-door Nano, was unveiled at the AutoExpo 2008 in Delhi and launched on Mar 23 '09. Tata has invested approx. ₹ 17 bn developing and producing the Nano. A dedicated auto plant (with an annual production capacity of 250,000 units) for the Nano at Sanang, Gujarat was inaugurated in June '10. Tata unveiled the Nano Europa (export variant) and Indica Vista EV (Electric Vehicle) at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. The Indica Vista EV will be produced in association with Miljø Grenland/Innovasjon based in Norway. Tata Motor's UK subsidiary Tata Motors European Technical Centre plc has a 50.3 per cent stake in the company specializing in solutions for electric vehicles. The Indica Vista EV is expected to launched later in 2009 in Norway. Tata Motors offers a range of Land Rover and Jaguar models (Jaguar XJ, XF, XK and the Land Rover Freelander 2, Discovery 4, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover) in India. Tata Marcopolo Motors Ltd. (TMML) manufactures fully built buses and coaches inc. low-floor intra-city models. TMML bus sales amounted to 190 units in 2007-08.
Tata Starbus
A sleek DTC Tata intracity Starbus in central Delhi. Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland made low-floor buses are used on an increasing number of bus routes throughout Delhi comprising a fleet of over 600 buses (total bus fleet is 3,850), a few of which are AC CNG buses. Delhi's first Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) pilot route (5.8 km in length) was launced in April '08 on a trial bases. The 14.5 km route, once completed, will run from Dr. Ambedkar Nagar to Delhi Gate. The BRTS is supervised by DIMTS. By 2010 Delhi's bus fleet should be contemporary by any standards. Quite a few other Indian urban transport companies, including those operating in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Indore, Kolkata, Mysore, Navi Mumbai and Mumbai (54 cities in total) are gradually deploying modern buses under a funding scheme provided by the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) for the financing of new passenger transport equipment (14,240 buses as of Feb '09). The majority of intracity buses in India are built on Ashok Leyland or Tata truck chassis which make them rather uncomfortable and entry/exit difficult.
Tata Indigo dashboard
A view of the dashboard of a Tata Indigo. Tata has sold over a million Indicas/Indigo cars.
Tata Indicruz - Tata's new crossover (new platform coded X2) is expected be launched in Feb '10 and will be powered by a 2.2 l TD engine.
Tata Grande MKII Tata's new SUV.
Tata Nano Tata's new low-cost minicar was launched on March 23rd '09. Deliveries began in July '09 with sales tallying to 77,000 till the end of 2010 . The Nano is powered by a two-cylinder 35 PS 624cc rear-mounted engine with a top speed of 105 km/h. Although only 3.1 m long (a tad longer than the Morris Mini), the Nano is very tall at 1.6 m and boasts 20 % more space than the Maruti 800 (based on the early 80's Suzuki Alto). Three variants with different trim levels are available. Export, diesel and even electric variants are expected in the coming years. Nano First Drive Review >>

Tata Nano test drives
Tata Indica 1405 cc hatchback (petrol, diesel and CNG variants available). Tata has produced almost 1.13 million Indica platform cars till Aug '08. The Indica model was launched in December 1998. The top variants now feature ABS brakes and front seat airbags.
Tata Indica Vista - a completely new model, the Indica Vista, is initially available in seven variants.
Tata Indigo - a 3-box sedan version of the Indica. An estate variant, the Indigo Marina is also available. Some 275,000 Indigo/Indigo Marinas have been sold till date (09/09).
Tata Indigo Manza
Tata Safari A five-door sports utility vehicle (both 2WD and 4WD). The Safari DICOR (Direct Injection Common Rail Engine) features a 3 litre 115 BHP and a smaller 2 litre 90 BHP turbo-charged inter-cooled diesel engine is also available. The petrol version features a quite capable 2092cc 127 PS engine. Over 26 000 Safaris have been sold in India till date (2/06).
Tata Sumo A sturdy and very spacious no-frills MPV powered by a 1948 cc diesel engine. Over 300 000 Sumos have been sold till date (10/05).
Tata Xenon XT Tata's new 4-door 5-seater cross-terrain pickup model.
Tata Winger Tata's new maxi van offering. Below is a video from YouTube (by mcdzica) showing the Winger assembly plant.

Tata Magic Tata's new rural transport vehicle.
Tata Ace A newly launched mini-truckwhich has proven to be a success with over 100,000 sold till date (Mar '07).
Tata commercial vehicles >>
Tata buses >>
Tata Export Versions >>
TKML sold 74,759 (55,497 in '09) cars in 2010. The 432 acre Toyota factory site is located at Bidadi, Karnataka. TKML is investing ₹ 9 bn in the expansion of its two auto plants to a capacity of 310,000 units by 2013. Toyota currently manufactures Corolla Altis sedans and Innova MPV's in India, the Camry, Prius and Landcruiser Prado models are imported. Toyota began producing Qualis MUV's in late 1999 at its Indian plant and today holds a 89 per cent equity stake in TKML while the Kirloskar Group holds the remaining 11 per cent.
Etios Liva - A Q-class hatchback
Etios - A Q-class sedan
Innova MPV. Over 132,000 Innovas have been sold till Mar 2008. A CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) version is also available.
Corolla Altis - A midsize sedan (1.8 litre 132 PS engine)
Camry - an imported premium sedan
Land Cruiser Prado imported SUV
Land Cruiser 200 - imported SUV
Fortuner SUV - 41,000 sold till Dec '12
Below is a Toyota Fortuner SUV review by utvinews at
Volkswagen operates an auto plant in Chakan near Pune (Maharashtra) with an annual capacity of 110,000 cars. The plant manufactures VW Vento, Polo and Škoda Rapid models and rolled out its 400,000th manufactured car in July '14. VW Jetta and Passat models are assembled at Škoda's plant located in Aurangabad.

Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers/Importers

Atul Auto manufactures a range of three-wheelers from its plant located in Shapar, near Rajkot (Gujarat).
Cerita manufactures buses for various segments including intercity buses.
AMW manufactures heavy-duty trucks (tractors and tippers) at a plant located in Bhuj, Gujarat. AMW has produced some 10,000 trucks till date (Feb '10).
Ashok Leyland manufactures Iveco trucks in addition to buses and other light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles. The company sold 83,101 vehicles in 2006-07. Total income amounted to ₹ 72.4 bn in the same year. AL has tied up with Nissan to build a new light commercial vehicle plant in Tamil Nadu. AL holds a 51 per cent stake in firm (Ashok Leyland Nissan Vehicles Pvt Ltd.). The plant is expected to commence production in H2/2011.
Daimler sold almost 1100 heavy duty trucks from the launch of a range of trucks in Sep '12 till Jan 13. Daimler plans to launch light and medium trucks in the future manufactured at its Oragadam plant in Tamil Nadu.
The Force Motors (erstwhile Bajaj Tempo) product portfolio includes a range of LCV's, utility vehicles, the ubiquitous Tempo three-wheeler and tractors in the 25-50 hp range. Force Motors turnover amounted to ₹ 10.5 bn in 2004-05. Force Motors has also planned a joint venture with Neoman for the manufacture of chassis and complete buses.
Tempo Trax utility vehicle range
Tempo Excel / Traveller.
Force Motors has invested ₹ 7 bn in a new heavy commercial vehicle manufacturing facility. The HCVs are manufactured in technical collaboration with MAN Industries of Germany.
Scania has produced more than 1500 trucks and 250 buses at its two Indian plants.
See car section
Volvo India manufactures FM12 and FM9 series rigid/trailer trucks. Volvo also manufactures buses (capacity: 1800 units pa). Volvo's Hoskote (Karnataka) plant has an installed capacity of 4000 trucks pa. in double shifts. Volvo has sold some 1,600 trucks and 1,600 buses since 2001. Volvo sold around 700 buses in 2012. Volvo is exporting trucks to South Korea in addition to some of the neighbouring countries. A new joint-venture, Volvo Bus BodyTechnologies, manufactures bus bodies in a plant located at Hoskote, Karnataka. A target has been set to sell 450 buses, including a new version of the Volvo 9400 inter-city model, this year.
Eicher Motors manufactures a range of commerical vehicle with payload ranging from three to 17 tons. Eicher Motors sold 28,077 vehicles during 2006-07.
Manufactures Mazda LCV's under licence and has partnered with Isuzu to launch a low-floor bus in the latter half of 2008.
Tatra Vectra Motors manufactures off-road Tatra trucks (7,000 till date). Tatra plans to launch a highway transportation vehicle to the existing range of HCV's on offer.
Luxury coach manufacturer
Luxury coach manufacturer
Coach manufacturer manufacturing a range of buses, motor homes, special utility vehicles, trailers and cargo boxes.
Ural India, an Indo-Russian joint-venture, manufactures of URALAZ medium and heavy commercial vehicles. Ural India's plant is located at Haldia, West Bengal. The company has announced plans to foray into the manufacture of small cars.
Premier manufactures the Roadstar, a small truck for intra-city transport.


Produces the Ambylimo, a stretched fully equipped Hindustan Ambassador limousine.
Chinkara - probably India's only true roadster. See also BS Motoring's review of the roadster.

Two Wheeler Manufacturers

Mahindra Two Wheelers manufactures the Stallio motorcycle and various scooter models. The company sold 134,570 units in 2011-12.
Lohia Auto manufactures electric scooters at its plant located in Kashipur, Uttarakhand.
Hero Honda, the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer, sold around 3.72 million two-wheelers (mainly motorcycles) in 2008-09. Its plants are located at Dharuhera, Gurgaon and Haridwar (Uttarakhand). Net sales amounted to ₹ 123 bn in 2008-09.
India's 2nd largest two/three-wheeler manufacturer (2007-08 net sales ₹ 87 bn) and the world's third largest in terms of volumes. Bajaj Auto sold 4.35 million (incl. 1.58 m exported) two/three-wheelers in 2011-12. Bajaj Auto's three plants are located at Waluj (Aurangabad, Maharashtra), Chakan (Dist. Pune) and Pantnagar Uttarakhand.
TVS Motor Co., the eight largest 2-wheeler manufacture in the world, recorded a turnover of ₹ 32.9 and sold 1.28 million two-wheelers in 2007-08. TVS's plant is located at Hosur, Karnataka. TVS launched it first 3-wheeler, the TVS King, on March 9 '08. The 3-wheeler segment was till now dominated by Bajaj Auto and Piaggio.
TVS Apache
Honda's Gurgaon factory manufactures four-stroke scooters and motorcycles. The company sold 2.107 million two wheelers in the year ended March 2012.
Yamaha Motor India sold 212 985 motorcycles during 2004-05. Yamaha has announcde a ₹ 4 bn investment plan for the expansion of its existing manufacturing capacity and a new plant to be opened in 2008.
LML sold approx. 75 000 two-wheelers in 2005-06. LML manufactures lifestyle motorcycles (150 cc), motorcycles (110 to 125 cc) and scooters (150 cc).
Kinetic Engineering produced 122 012 motorbikes, scooters and mopeds in 2005-06, including Hyosung Motors (South Korea) GF-series motorbikes.
Majestic Auto sold 32 067 mopeds in 2005-06.
Manufacturer of the legendary "Bullet" motorcycles. The Indian Police and defence forces use "Bullet" motorcycles. Royal Enfield sold 38,528 motorcycles during 2007-08. Royal Enfield operates two factories located at Chennai and Jaipur.
Monto Motors manufactures the Avanti range of mopeds, motorbikes, off road bikes, ATVs and trollies.
This division of ElectroTherm, manufactures YObykes electric two-wheelers in a factory located in Kutch. Future products include electric three/four wheelers and hybrid electric buses.
Suzuki Motor India sold 1 601 motorcycles in 2005-06.
Ultra Motor manufactures electric scooters in its plant at Hyderabad. A second plant is coming up at Maneasr, Haryana. The company expects to sell around 35,000 units in 2008-09.

Three Wheeler Manufacturers

PVPL manufactures diesel three-wheelers (pick-ups, delivery vans and passenger vehicles) at its Baramati (Maharashtra) plant. PVPL has announced plans to manufacture LCV's and possibly two-wheelers.
Government owned Scooters India Ltd. (1998-99 turnover: 1.36 billion Rupees) produced over 16,000 Vikram range of three-wheelers last year. SIL produces an electric 3-wheeler, the Vikram-EV. Vikram-EV is driven by a DC motor capable of delivering 7.5 bhp. A gas powered three-wheeler is also under development.
KAL produced 7240 three-wheelers in 1999-00.

Tractor Manufacturers

Manufactures tractors and diesel engines at a plant located at Ranipet, Tamil Nadu. The company, a subsidiary of Italy's Same Deutz-Fahr, plans to expand its capacity to 11,000 units per annum by 2010.
LTJD's tractor plant is located at Sanaswadi, near Pune.
HMT Tractors
TAFE (Tractors And Farm Equipment Ltd.)
The world's largest (volume wise) tractor manufacturer sold 159,000 tractors in 2009.
Mahindra USA Inc.
Punjab Tractors sold 25 600 tractors in 2004-05 (revenue ₹ 6 bn). Punjab Tractors is the largest manufacturer of Harvester Combines in India.
ITL (turnover ca ₹ 5 billion for FY 2003-04) sold some 20 000 "Sonalika" range of tractors during 2003-04. ITL has tied up with Renault Agriculture for the manufacture of Renault Ceres tractors.
Escorts sold 50,000 tractors in 2006-2007.
ETL sold 15 814 tractors in 2002-03.
New Holland Tractors sold 9 714 tractors in 2004. The company has invested ca USD 100 m in India and exports Indian made tractors to 2 countries. New Holland expects a turnover of ₹ 5 bn in 2005.

Earth Moving, Material Handling and Construction Machinery Manufacturers

JCB India Ltd.
Escorts Construction Equipment Ltd.
Bharat Earth Movers Ltd. (BEML)
Caterpillar India
L&T-Komatsu Ltd.
Voltas India

Automotive Parts Manufacturers

Ashok Leyland - Leyparts
Tata AutoComp Systems Ltd.(TACO), India
Clutch Auto Ltd.
India Pistons Ltd.
Bharat Gears
Bharat Forge
Motherson Sumi
Exide Industries
Rico Auto
Bosch India
Amtek Auto
Sono Koyo

Tyre Manufacturers

Tyre Statistics

Automotive Tyre Manufacturers' Association
Goodyear India
Apollo Tyres
Michelin India
MRF Tyres
TVS Srichakra Ltd.
Ceat Tyres
JK Tyre